Aug 29, 2012

The blog in which I share with you my thoughts on my volunteer position I just quit.

Today was the first class of religious education.  I have a second grade class.  Correction.  I had a second grade class.  I have already emailed my volunteer position resignation.  Here are just a few of the thoughts that are bouncing around in my head, and I am not even kidding, they are not made up, but honest thoughts, that I will share with you.

  • Maybe it's not too late to be Jewish again.  I bought a tree from those people today.  Maybe it's a sign.
  • Do they really speak to other adults like this?  Their parents?  If so, how do they walk straight?  
  • Am I going to hell, or do I need some extra time in the confessional over this?  And by extra, I mean, some. Any time would be appropriate I think.  As the truth is, I am angry as hell with the parents for not raising their children properly.  STOP WORKING and start raising your kids to be decent!  I mean, yes, you need money, but not so much that you drive an expensive car, afford cable, a bazillion activities for your kids, and no time with your family.  Stop procreating for the love of all that is good!  I mean, I understand that we are to grow our families and our faith, but this is NOT what He had in mind.  I am sure of it.  
  • I don't know that the church will continue to allow us to attend, as we don't make enough money to support ourselves, and yet, they are asking more and more of us to help support it.  If they don't allow us to attend I need to find another church where there is a priest that speaks English as his first language, and by my past experience, that is hard to do- unless you don't mind a priest that is in our area that is less a man of God than the rock I stumbled on getting out of the car today.  Whew... I have venom tonight.  Stand back. 
  •  My daughter told me today that Fr. Pat makes her feel good inside because of what he says, and that he smiles while saying it.  I tried to smile as I grit my teeth to apologize to a child for interrupting her as I was speaking and she had verbal diarrhea.  I don't know that either one of us felt particularly good after I spoke.  
  • How is it that a handful of second graders made me feel so much more uncomfortable than that time I had to hold a man's tushie cheeks open so that the doctor could slice and pull out the hemorrhoid?  Correction.  That should have actually read "time(s.)"  Sad.  I suck at "rock, paper, scissors-- when it matters.  
  • If I thought I could get off the floor from the fetal position, I would have been in it while rocking and saying, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna' let it shine..."  
  • I doubt the Mormon's would take me.  I insulted them once with a blog.. or two.  But they seem so nice.... I'll have to suck up to a few just as a back up....  Then, find the store to get the appropriate attire.  You know they have their own clothes?  Well, technically, it's more like religious garments that are hidden pretty well, but I was learning about the faith, and found that there is an undergarment they wear, and it is not a whole lot different than any other faith and their religious coverings.  I mean Jews have a talis, a yarmulke, etc.  The priest wear vestments,  the collar, the nuns and their penguin suits (Okay, I'll be in line for confession next time, and you will just nod and keep walking.  It's going to be a long visit.)  I don't sing well enough to be am Mormon.  And I think they have closed the adoption line with the Osmonds anyway.  It was just a thought.  

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