Aug 23, 2012

The blog in which I dread this Super Saturday.

It is only Thursday, and I am already dreading Super Saturday.  Because, this Super Saturday, is different then the others.  First, I will be unable to spend it with my family.  Second, I will be in class, ALL day.  (I have never been formally diagnosed with it, but I am telling you, with great certainty, that I have ADD.)  Sitting all day in classes has me anxious beyond necessary.  Wow.  I think I understand what Chazman was experiencing this past summer as he repeatedly shared his concerns with me about starting first grade.  He said it would be hard.  And yes, it has been.  And this Super Saturday, will be hard.  But instead of a loving, supportive mom that says, "Eat your breakfast quick!  We have gymnastics stretching and back walkover practice to do so that you can focus this morning at school," I will have a family that will most likely be sleeping in from Friday Family Fun Night as I head out to be in class.

Each year that I volunteer to teach a class at church, the Catholic Church wants me to take classes to learn how to educate and inspire the children through our religious education program.  While I think this is important, sitting me in class after class is really hard.  I am that teacher that understands the need to move and groove in order to learn.  I get the kid in the back that appears to be drawing a comic book, and yet, can recite the lesson back to you, verbatim.  (After last years' Catechist Certification day, I came home with more doodling than Walt Disney himself probably did in a day at the office.)  The child who dreads the turn taking reading?  Oh, I more than get her.  I was so shy as a child, and had a hard time reading out loud, that I somehow found a well placed bathroom urgency about two people before my turn.  Forget that "Popcorn" reading we did.  I would fake child labor by the time I reached fifth grade!  The child who feels out of place?  Well, depending on the age group, and how long they have known the other students in their class, will most likely affect their desire to participate.  I understand that the teachers need to facilitate a feeling of safety, but this coming Saturday, nobody can save me from sitting in the back row and playing on my phone until my eyes cross.

Sadly, the two classes I managed to not be totally miserable in, are not on my schedule this year, and I truly can not tell you that I used much of the information from last year.  Since it was not used last year, this year, it is forgotten.  I am dreading going to this, and am trying to figure out a way to salvage the day with my family that my husband has just texted me his plans for.  He is taking the migits to the Lowes Build and Grow first, then off to get their free lunch with the vouchers they get at Lowes, then they are headed to a free hour of bowling that AMF is doing this Saturday from 10:AM-2:PM.  The kids have never bowled.  That would be hard for me to miss.  Not so sure that I am doing a good enough job at convincing myself to keep this commitment.

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