Jun 15, 2012

Weird but True Hyperlinks

Virginia Weighing Strict Rules For Abortion Clinics- Not really funny, as I don't support abortion, ever, but I read it differently.  I read the word "Virginia" as "Vagina," and that my peeps, is ironically funny.

Teacher Showed Class 'Cannibal' Video?- I see this as a "Don't Do Drugs" lessons, and most importantly, I'm hoping the teacher showed the multiple cannibal attacks this past month, all of which mentioned one particular drug being named by its' street name, "bath salts."  Now, I am not into that scene, but if I were, I would steer clear of the "bath salts."  Just sayin'.  

Pentagon Planning Milestone Event For Gay Troops- Oh, so it's election year, and dude is stuck working the special interest groups.  However, the fact that Gay troops is being publicized this way gets me.  IF their sexual orientation is not controversial, can't we just refer to them without that label.  How about troops.  Just troops.  Not gay ones.  Not black ones.  Not Hispanic ones.  Just troops.

Whale Shot (Real) Rainbow Out of Blowhole - I got nothing.  I think this is sufficient without me watering it down.  Puny.  Very puny.  It's a quick video.  Worth your time is you have enough time to waste on this blog, you should carve out an extra 30 seconds to see the whale shot.  It's almost as good as a unicorn farting rainbows, but not.  Because we all know that unicorns can't do that.  This was the reason this blog entry came to be.  It was the last of many weird titles I saw when I logged onto AOL the other day, and made me think that the news might actually be interesting.  I was rewarded.

Sex, PAM Spray Led To This Woman's Arrest- I might want to read the article.  Wouldn't want to commit any crimes.  those things are always coming dangerously close.)  I mean, who doesn't love PAM when in the mood?

Toddler & Chimp Baby Become Pals- Why?  What is wrong with these parents?  Do they not have a local Mom's group to join?  I swear, parents who neglect allowing appropriate peer interaction are neglectful and depriving their own offspring of learning the bad habits of others.  A chimp?  Really?  Come now.

Woman Makes Gross Find In Chef Boyardee Ravioli- I think that she opened the can was gross enough.  It amazed me that this is considered a food product to be consumed.

TAKE A SEAT: Swedish Political Party Says Men Shouldn't Stand While Urinating- First, why are politicians jumping in on this topic?  Probably because they are always caught standing with their pants around their ankles.  I refused to read this article.  Although, it's because I refuse to sit.  (Oh wait, no political party has told me what I should be doing to eliminate my urine yet.)  I might be doing it wrong.

Spain Lifts Ban on Hooker Advertising- Whew.  That's a relief.

Dumb News: Insurance company decides child who can't sit up doesn't need a wheelchair- I appreciate the honesty- "Dumb news."  Sadly, most of it is- dumb news.

Arizona Saving You From Dust Storms —With Haiku- Nice.  I thought those things were useless.  Grateful for someone finding its' purpose.

Woman Shoots Herself Without A Gun In Odd Accident I call this natural selection or population control.

Handless Man Threw Boulder At KFC Window, Cops Say- Is this bragging rights or just jealousy?  You decide.

Man Throws Wasabi-Covered Jeans In Girlfriend's Face- Hot pants!

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