Jun 30, 2012

Confession #369

Can we appreciate the word "fuck" and the word "nun" in the same sentence?  I can.  In reference to the way a person drives, "You drive like a nun fucks."  I suppose I will have much more to talk about in confession that might lead to more kneeling, which will lead to more leg pain.  I still am not able to return to the pool, and no exercise until some time in August, after I see the vascular surgeon.  Stinks.  I am miserable.  Maybe there will be a miraculous healing in my girlie parts and my knee.  Doubtful, after I made the nun comment, huh?  I read that quote in the "The Tender Bar."  Really great read.  But hard to believe all of it is true for some reason.  First, he remembers things all too vividly, and some of it seems nearly impossible to have truly happened.  Never know.

My husband insisted we buy a portable air conditioner last night after he got home and felt the temps in the house.  We have a great unit we had put in just two summers ago, however, with temps over 100 degrees, nothing can really keep up with that in a two story house with only one system.  Our bedroom was 95 degrees!  Our bedroom has never heated or cooled properly due to the location on the room, and we ran out on our Friday Family Fun Night after dinner and found the unit only dreams are made of.  We did not get to enjoy family time, but  within half an hour, our room was cooled.  Within an hour, it was cold.  After the first hour, Geoff said he had frostbite.  After that, he was numb.   I was deep in the blankets, and snuggling in with my books, and purring with contentment in the comfort of the humming of the machine.  We turned it off to go to sleep, around 1:30 AM.  We didn't need to stay up, but when you have waited nine years for comfort at night time, it is a thrill that exhilarated us beyond slumber.

So, I am tired.  I just switched on the machine, which I will name "Christian," as only a man could make me this happy, and now, I think that Christian is turned on, I might get some rest before Mass.  The Shades trilogy might just cause me to be committed.  I doth not protest, as long as my Christian can come and keep me cool at night ;o)

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