Jun 7, 2012

Cartoons will make you look smarter. Got Gas?

I dropped the kids off at swim practice this morning, and headed up to the workout room.  Darn it.  My two favorite machines are being used.  Oh well, I'll use one of the other elliptical.  But that one elliptical is my favorite.  Well, must try to remain positive.  Every second I am on any machine, I am lapping myself on the couch, right?  So, I am on, and get my self plugged in with the earbuds to the TV, a fun treat since we don't have TV at home.  (Netflix doesn't count here peeps.)  Luckily, during swim team practice, Will and Grace is on Lifetime.  YEA me!  I love me some homo-humor.  NO hate mail.  I swear, I love, love, LOVE many homosexuals, and because I know one, I can say that ;o)  It's like I can now make Catholic jokes because I became one.  It was just wrong while I was Jewish.  That might have been my motivation for the conversion.  Will figure that out later.  

So, I'm hooked into Will and Grace, and I always notice what those around me are watching. I try not to watch E! channel.  That is just guilty pleasure and embarrassing to get caught watching.  I also never watch the news, or sports- unless it's tennis.  That's not too embarrassing, right?  A lot of thought goes into my TV time.  I notice that the man in front of me is watching cartoons, old school ones, while he is on his treadmill.  No joke, adult, like my age, probably older.  Looked normal, and I swear, I kept watching, to see if he might change the channel, or was maybe not even hooked in.  Within a few minutes, another swim team mom walks in and over to him and puts her arm around him.  They chatted, and he continues to watch his cartoons.  I swear, I was just thinking,"I'm so doing this wrong."  I asked the mom who that was that she was chatting to.  Her husband.  Who is a vet.  And for fun, he reads scientific journals, to relax with TV, he enjoys some cartoons.  Right.  I think this would be a very important piece of information to know before I take my pet to a vet.  I think I will ask our vet if he watches cartoons.  If not, I'm switching.  I  might start watching cartoons-if it makes me look smarter. 

On our way to swim team practice this morning I saw that my gas was running low.  Anyone who knows me, and well, knows that I generally don't allow it to get below half a tank.  I have this fear of being stranded without gas.  (Why not?  I have a fear of just about everything else, why not add this to the running list of ridiculous fears?)  Even as a child, when we used to travel with my father, a traveling salesman, I used to always check the gas status.  No, not once in my life have I run out of gas, however, that's probably because I am so conscientious about it.  Not sure, but lately, I have not had enough energy to feed into all my fears.  So, I have allowed my tank to go below that half way mark.  Partially, because I am too busy to stop and fill it all the time, and also because sometimes I am waiting for the price to drop a bit.  So, I had the light go on as we were leaving the YMCA, and knew that I needed to get to the library on our way to our gas station.  Our gas station is near the house and the best prices generally.  

I decided to not panic.  I thought, "I am handling this very well.  I will not panic, and get everything done and still get gas,  no problem."  We went to the library, and I didn't think of the gas situation while we were  there.  Then, we got in the car.  We had another 6 miles to drive.  I thought, "See, no problem.  No reason to get all uptight.  This is so much nicer, isn't it?  Just calmly driving to the gas station and not worrying."  Those thoughts were bouncing around in my head the entire 4 minutes it took to get to the gas station.  I get about a mile from the exit and think to myself, "Ya' know?  It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if the car broke down here.  It might be an adventure to walk there and back.  Might even teach the kids a lesson about never letting your gas get on low."  Then I finally pulled into the gas station.  And my last thought? "What sort of a freak am I that I am freaking out over not freaking out, while trying to not panic about getting gas? Clearly, I need help."  Then I thought to myself, "Great, now you are talking to yourself.  Clearly, another sign of crazy, and I need to seek help sooner than later.  I hope I have enough gas to get there.    

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