Jun 23, 2012

A few hours alone...

Hard to resist the ridiculous but true headlines on the Internet.  Each day I thank G-d that I don't have a television to be glued to and see some of the stupidity in the world, but find myself like a moth to a flame with the Internet.

Man Charged With Eating Wife's Lips I am really losing my appetite here.  What the hell is going on with these people?  Is the food chain really that limiting?
Oral Sex With Animals May Be Semi-Legal In Florida  uh, I got nothing.
CANNIBAL SILVERWARE: This Is A Fork Used To Eat Human Flesh Niche' market for sure.
What A Great Reason To Grease Up A Baby Raccoon I think we go back to kinky fuckery on this one- Oh look!  I was successful in using my new phrase appropriately!

At this point, you are probably thinking that I am specifically searching for animal kinky fuckery (wow, two times in one posting)  or cannibalism.  To which I must tell you, "Nay- NAY!" This is on the AOL homepage, and I don't veer far from that each day.  Although, I probably should, if this is all the world news I can come up with that grabs my attention.

So, Geoff took my sweet cherubs to Lowe's Build and Grow while I work on cleaning out home.  It's my "project" for the day.  Even though I clean every day, and do laundry every day, I really need to hit up the neglected crevices of the abode.  We have been in the sun for a bit too much lately, as I looked at Chazman this morning and almost called him Jose'.  Dude is dark.  So, we are steering clear of the pool for the day.  Shay expressed desire to play in her room with Jose, I mean Charlie, today, since we rarely get time to just chill and play anymore.  So, once they get back, they will veg until I decide if we are headed to Mass tonight or in the morning, and then our recent fav. Super Saturday Dinner, hot dogs and tator tots with watermelon.

I have cleaned a ton, but took a breather to catch up on weird but true headlines, read a bit more of the second on the Grey's trilogy, and have lunch.  Now, back to work!  Enjoy your day peeps!

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