Jun 11, 2012

Shout out to Germany!

Who the heck in Germany is reading this blog?  I really didn't think anyone outside of Marietta or Canton, GA might ever see this blog, but I was wrong.  I did some research on where my blog is being viewed from, and one German is reading this.  So, I'd like to shout out to you, but I don't know much German, other than what I talk to my collie with.  So, let's start with NINE! That means no.  But you probably know that already.  Also, I tell him to zeets.  That means to sit, however, I spelled it phonetically, and I am not sure that this is making any sense to you.  I took two years of German class in highschool, and slept through Herr Craven's class for 18 months.  All I really got out of that was, "Es regnet."  Translation- "It's raining."  I am sure Herr Craven is ashamed of his inability to teach a sleeping student anything more than how to mention precipitation.  At this time, I can tell you I know more Spanish than German, and it might be best if at least uno senior find this blog-o.  Then-o, I can-o communicationing-o better-o.  

Well, technically, I should be better versed in German.   Besides the whole German class nap period in the early 90's, my maiden name meant evergreen, in German.  Which was made into a Christmas song.  I also have an Irish first name.  It's no wonder this Hebrew school drop out became Catholic.  I make a terrible christian. I do however, make a fantastically screwy christian.  I love, when there is chocolate involved.  I forgive, when I allow myself to, and if you offer chocolate as a peace offering to suck up.  I serve, if it's chocolate and you want to share.  I accept.. you got it,  chocolate, as payment for serving you- chocolate.  

Really, I make a terrible christian.  This past year, Charlie had a couple of classmates come home for play dates.  He even went to their homes, once.  Sad, but he does not relate to other children as his neurotypical peers do.  One of these play dates began teasing Charlie at snack time for bringing a juice box in that had a Sesame Street character on it.  The issue was resolved immediately, by his teachers, however, I think I was more disturbed by it than he was.  It saddened me because I thought he was one of those sweet kids that would respect Charlie's uniqueness.  I happen to run into his mom one day, and she told me of a story where an adult was not respectful of her sons' severe allergies.  I was mortified for her.  She is a great mom and very compassionate, sweet lady.  She said something in this conversation that just keeps ringing in my ears.  She finished the story with, "I am a good christian, but..."   

Well, I think I have my flaws.  Lots of them.  However, I speak my mind.  Sadly, it will upset, offend, or hurt others.  Well, here's how I see it---  tough.  Put your big girl/boy panties on and accept it.  If you don't like it, I can't please everyone and myself and my heavenly Father, all at the same time.  I can try to not hurt you, but if you get hurt, you need to accept responsibility for your own emotions.  Not sure if everyone is aware of this, but we all hear reference to "Mother Theresa."  She was a hard core ball buster.  She said things that would make most people withdraw.  She was not afraid of what others would think.  She was effective.  She served her Father and his peoples' needs before her own.  I am not insinuating that I am any where near Mother Theresa in any way, however, I feel like He has given me this life, and while I never understand why, I always find that hindsight is 20/20, and I only need to be honest, and be me, and my ability to share my experiences in ways that only I can, might some how serve a greater good.  From religion to raising a son with autism, and being married to a husband with autism, and everything in between, I hope that He always lets me be me, and true to his gifts that He has bestowed upon my little life. 

Now, for the lone German who has stumbled upon this blog, I am a terrible Christian.  I am broken, and somehow, manage to be able to tell you that "es regnet" and hope that you find comfort in knowing that there was a German teacher in the United States that cared enough to share weather vocabulary with this screwy christian who loves chocolate, autism, and the life I have been given with an amazingly supportive family- except for that one jockstrap ;o)  German friend, it might be best to learn some Spanish.  I can at least count to ten for you.  Oh, wait, I even know some colors too. Now, it's time to go eat uno verde la manzana, or a shnitzel.  Whatever tastes better with chocolate'.    

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