Jun 10, 2012

Naked Toilet Paper

I don't care for those heinous knit things people try to dress up a roll of toilet paper with.  It's worse than seeing a clean roll of toilet paper. I think knit things like that, pot holders, etc. are country, and country is "not to my taste."  Unless the pot holders were more along the lines of something that a pot smoking hippy might wear, than it might be okay.  But I don't think I have seen many pot smokers wear knit.  Well, that's not technically true.  I guess all clothing is knit somehow.  Whatever.  So, when you come to my house, you will see new rolls of toilet paper in my bathroom.  If you should use the last of the toilet paper, don't be offended that I have not dressed my toilet paper up for you.  It's like incognito.  But not, since everyone knows that it is toilet paper.  Also, I don't have it wrapped individually for you.  That seems shady gas station style to me.  We use the good stuff.  In "good" I mean the Scott Soft, which is truly soft, and yes, I actually gave it as a Christmas gift to a dear friend this past year.  Just one roll.  Not a four pack.  That would be gluttony.  Well, maybe not, but I did wrap it.  Which sort of goes against my "don't dress up the toilet paper" rule.  But it seemed appropriate.  I mean, if you are already giving a friend toilet paper, and that's the sort of friendship you have, then the wrapped form of the nude roll is going to be appreciated.

So, this blogging thing is new to me, and I find that the moment I post something, I totally forget it.  However, I got an email from BRETT, who feels he has nothing to be ashamed of, so I can mention BRETT'S name as much as I want. (Yes, Brett, from the wet nuts lover.)   So, BRETT commented on a post.  I went back and read it, and laughed.  I considered calling A.A. or poison control, as the person who wrote that was clearly high, but then I realized, I might need to read this stuff sometimes as I swear, I didn't even remember it.  I have two brain cells left, and they are fighting.

I have to bring my old coworkers dessert now.  Well, they aren't old, but.. Well, yes, they are old, but that was not what I meant.  I no longer work, and find that I appreciate these peeps more than I did when I had to "rock, paper, scissor" them for the next patient nobody wanted to bring back, X-ray, IV, drug test,  get vitals on, clean up vomit for, swab a throat on, etc.  Yeah, we all loved our job.  ICE CREAM CAKE TIME!

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