Jun 17, 2012

Squid Sperm-- It's what's for dinner

Today was a beautiful Father's Day here in N. Georgia.  We woke up late, and I surprised my family with homemade funnel cake, bacon, and back yard fresh strawberries.  Geoff had asked for french toast and bacon, and I one upped myself, as I found a very simple funnel cake recipe that honestly seemed very similar to pancakes.  (milk, flour, a little salt, sugar, baking powder and an egg)  It was yummo!  I used a sandwich baggie to drizzle it into the oil.  It was a huge treat for all of us.  Since we ate so late, we headed to a noon Mass, then had our picnic lunch pre-packed and ready to head to the pool by 2:PM.  We came home at 6:PM, showered, and headed out to Mexican.  We rarely go out to eat, and Geoff really wanted to go.  His day, his ideas.  Came home to make ice cream sundaes, and now, our migits are having a sleep over in our newly cleaned out master closet, and Geoff is walking Brody.

I'm ready to fall asleep, but thought you guys needed to be aware of this little story of a female diner in Korea and her relations with a squid.


A woman in Korea had a sperm bag injected in her tongue from a squid she was eating.  This seems wrong, on so many levels.  First of all, the squid was reportedly, "partially cooked."  Why in the hell would you eat a "partially" cooked anything?  Food is supposed to be fully cooked.  That just seems ridiculous to me to eat something not cooked all the way, especially an animal, and one that has a history of injecting sperm bags.  This is not news.  Well, technically, it is news, but not that part.  As I read further, and found this nugget- "It's not the first time a squid has tried to fertilize a human mouth. There have been several incidents in Japan where people have complained of oral stings by their food, the news site reported."  If this is the case, I can not see why squid eating is still a viable option for nourishment.  I'd sooner take my chances on an animal that is less likely to get all hot and bothered in my mouth.  (I got jokes.  I got class.  A little.)  So, as far as I can tell, the chicken, cow, and pig still don't have a record of inseminating a human mouth.  I'm sticking with those.  If someone knows something about those that might make me change my mind, let me know.  Thanks.  

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