Jun 27, 2012

Tickling rats and quality time with my daughter

While some of you might be tweeting with aliens, others of us might chose to make rats laugh.  Yes, scientists found that rats not only laugh, but they do so while being tickled.  It's science.  I never really got into science in school, but they never asked me to tickle rats.  Had they asked me to tickle rats instead of cutting something open and pinning it on some board to dissect, I might have had a greater appreciation for the subject.  However, here's your link.  You're welcome.

Had a Girls Night Out hosted by a local Chik Fil A restaurant tonight.  Shay and I got there, and enjoyed each other.  We didn't participate in the activities, but she ate and then went outside to play on the playground.  She bantered a lot in the car about stuff, but once at the restaurant, I ran into a ton of people I knew from school, to radKIDS and us moms kinda talked amongst ourselves.  I felt a little guilty, but Shay and I have really had a lot of alone time this year, and she and I talk all the time anyway.  I wouldn't have allowed her to do the make up table, and the nail polish one she rationialized would cause her to have wet nails, prolonging the outdoor play area time she wanted so much.  She did get a free tiny stuffed cow, and a free, small ice cream she was allowed to top with whipped cream, crumbled cookies, and chocolate sauce.  Oh, and the cherry.  She loved that cherry.

I haven't been feeling so great lately, and am extremely tired, but went, because I said I was going to.  I think following through is worth more than anything.  If you tell your kids you are going to do something, by all means, DO IT.  Good or bad, my kids can be safe and secure knowing that I will follow through.  A spanking, washing a mouth out, an impromptu ice cream store visit for good behavior, a playdate, a walk with the dog, you name it, if I say I am going to do it, I am.  Shay understood I have been tired, and that the medicine I started is making me feel like poo, and I asked if it would be okay if we didn't go tonight.  She said yes, and I knew she wanted to go, but didn't want me to feel miserable.  I napped, and when I woke up, I had a tad more energy.  I popped out of bed, knowing Geoff would be home soon, and asked if she wanted to go.  She said no, but I said I wanted to go, so she was on board with the outing.

Essentially, she and I spent much of this past year doing somethings just like this girls night out, and really, Geoff and I date our kids with alone time, often.  I even had Charlie escort me to the grocery store last Saturday night and he was such a proud little prince helping me shop.  We even had a few minutes of fun in the bathroom playing with an incredibly powerful hand dryer.  We made our alone time meaningful, even if it was at 9:30 on a Saturday night in a Kroger bathroom.

While I am going to be the first woman my son ever learns to love, my husband will be the first man that my daughter says "I love you" to.  I want to have both our children cherish the memories we create together, and for them to appreciate quality time, over the quantity of it.  Take some time, and get to know your child.  I found out tonight that my daughter loves chocolate chip cookies better than other cookies, her favorite cake is chocolate, her favorite color is purple, but her favorite flower color is orange.  Who would have known.. had I not asked.  By the way, I also learned that my temper is upsetting to her, and that when she giggles when she is in trouble, she says she can't help it.  (This I know.  Nervous laughter is an inherited trait.  I know this first hand.)

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