Jun 30, 2012


The steel puzzles.  Have you ever seen them?  They come apart into two separate pieces, but you have to twist them in just the right way to get them apart.  Well, Charlie got one of those in his stocking this year.  I was cleaning out his little toy drawer and found it.  I brought it into the master bedroom, and three nights in a row, Geoff has fidgited with it.  Two nights ago, after at least 30 minutes of working it, he got them apart, and threw them down beside us.  I said, "Cool, do you know how to put them back together?"  More fidgiting, and yes, after a while, he got it.  Next night, Geoff fights with it, and finally, gets it apart.  I ask again if he can put it together, or teach me the trick.  Nope... couldn't even get it back together.  However, he swears he knows how to do it.  Tonight, at it again this time, more than an hour into it, he separates them.  And I look as he is so proud of himself, and I again, ask him to put it back together.  He resumes that task, and we are now at the third of fourth go at this, in one night.  I am inwardly laughing at his ability to spend so much time on it.  However, I am deeply engrossed in a book, "The Tender Bar," and anything to buy me some time...... Oh my husband... OH look, he jsut got it again!  Wait for it.... "Can you put them back together and teach me the trick now?"

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