Jun 3, 2012

"I like wet nuts."

Today was one of those really awesome, beautiful weather, great friends, awesome atmosphere type days.  I am never more grateful than a weekend where I get to spend my time with my family.  I have my last job to thank for that.  And my family.  Oh, and G-d.  It would be wrong not to thank him.  After watching at least one award show in my lifetime, I learned that.

My last job, prior to becoming a stay at home mom was working at an urgent care that was open seven days a week, 363 days a year.  Except leap years, and those were all screwy, so I'm not so sure about those years.  I had to work Christmas Eve's, Fourth of July, Easter, Groundhog day, Nurse's day (which seemed very oxymoron-ish if you ask me), and ALL the dead presidents birthdays.  Well, not all, but the lot that got a holiday.  I was grateful for the three day work week, however, it was horrifically depressing to work on holidays and weekends, because I am that person that actually enjoys my family, more than the time off from work. I felt this guilt from not being with my family, and even greater guilt for all the Masses I missed.  I never take these things for granted now.  Every day I thank Him for providing for me.

Today was a festival and friend filled day in Cherokee County, where we live.  We knew the festival that was coming into town, called the Rock and Wing festival.  There was rock and roll cover bands, and they were having chicken wing contests from local wing restaurants.  We didn't even see that side of the festival.  Our migits enjoyed the free bounce houses and our family friend met us there to walk and talk.  It wasn't too hot, the sun was shining, and two and a half hours later, it was time to leave, and we only spent $3 on a bag of cotton candy.  The best part of the festival was this one bounce house that was an alligator shaped blow up thing that they exited through the ass.  I loved it.

We went home and shared dinner with two friends, and had a really great dessert.  It was a-mazing.
Thank you Lisa!

Ice Cream Sandwich Frozen Cake

(I made up the title.  Call it poo in a dish and I'd still have a bite.)

Line dish with ice cream sandwiches.  layer fudge, caramel, and more sandwiches, and more fudge and caramel, then spread whipped cream on top, sprinkle nuts on top, and freeze.  Which brings me to a "Brett-ism."

Brett and I worked at the urgent care together.  And Brett was a foodie.  He was fun to eat with.  Sadly, I could not keep up with him.  He had surgery that allowed him to consume ridiculous amounts of food, and I did not.  Hence, I only had a Slimfast all day prior to dinner, since I knew this dessert was coming  ;o)  Anywho.. Brett and I were in the break room, eating.  Shocker, I know.  I swear, my 12 hour shift was divided like this...

8:30:ish to 9:15 AM eat, make coffee, run controls on lab, count the narcotics

9:15 AM- 9:PM eat, make coffee, clean up after eating, make more coffee, count the narcotics again to make sure that none accidentally found there way into our eating or coffee routine while some doctors slept or others tortured us with bad accents or obscene music that you wouldn't let your dog hear.

So, we were eating and drinking coffee, before work.  (We ate before, during, after, in between, on top of..)  So, we were sitting there talking about eating, while eating. Talking about it was almost as good as doing it sometimes.  I feel the same is true of other great things in life.  Geri worked there with us.  Anyone who knows Geri knows that she occasionally wets herself just looking at pictures of food.  I guess she is a foodie too.  She is just a naturally skinny one, and that sort of pisses me off.  But she is nice anyway.  When you feed her.  Back to the story.  So we, Brett and I, were discussing ice cream.  Then toppings.  I like fudge.  Which might say a little too much about me.  Anyway, there was a bit of a lull in the conversation, and I guess some might call if a pregnant pause,  I'm not sure, but I see it as just extremely awkward as it appeared the conversation was over.  A bit later, Brett breaks the silence with "I like wet nuts."  At first I thought, don't judge.  Maybe he just feels comfortable enough to share this unnecessary bit of information with you for a reason.  OR, maybe he just thought I might be able to help him with this since he knew that my grandmother grew something that may or may not have been a testicle.  Maybe he thought I was comfortable talking about nuts since I never found a topic not worth talking about, especially those should only happen in my head or with shock therapy readily accessible.  I guess my laughter disturbed him, and he decided to share that he liked wet nuts on his ice cream.  Regardless, I still think his wife should be privy to such information.  This would be the same wife that delivered my second migit, and when I asked Geoff to not tell me if I was pooping while I was pushing that child out, he looked at the midwife, nodded, looked at me and said, "Okay."  Wink.  Grrr.  I wish my ex-coworkers wife didn't have to see that.

So, what have we learned?  First, I love spending my days with my family and friends, that Brett likes his nuts wet, and that grandma might have had an endocrine disorder, and I poop when delivering children.  Enjoy the ice cream sandwich cake recipe! (With or without nuts.)

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