Jun 18, 2012

Not in the mood

To the "grunter" who was working out this morning at the YMCA- stop grunting.  It made you look silly.  First of all, you were on a rowing machine.  Now, I have very little experience on this apparatus, however, it's not weight lifting.  Second, when you get on a stationary bike and grunt, I wonder if you have crotch rot.  Again, no real reason to grunt.  Now, the grunting by the weights made sense, but the intensity of the grunt made less sense.  I was expecting the grunt by now, but not a blood curdling scream with those weights.  Bowling balls weigh more dude.  AND, if you can't handle the weights, use lighter ones, like your water bottle.

I was a bit disgruntled this morning since I have never gotten upstairs in time for my favorite machine during swim team practice.  There are other elliptical, but they are made for people with legs that are of normal size, say 6 ft 2 inches.  I am not one of those, and luckily, there are two elliptical that seems to be perfectly suited for my stride.  Sadly, my legs are so short that it takes me too long to get to them in time.  So, I haven't had the opportunity to work out on those lately, and I'm getting cranky about it.  I got the last ten minutes of my workout on one of them, but I had to quickly jump off my machine, throw my earbuds and phone onto the prized elliptical, go and get stuff to wipe down the machine I was using, all to get back to the one I wanted, for the last ten minutes of my workout.   I am running on little sleep due to a ridiculous ant bite causing intense itch and pain for the the last two nights, my favorite machine is always in use, and there is always one to two flies in my house due to the opening and closing of the doors with the dog.  My aptitude at killing them is impressive, but my patience with them is thinning.  G-d help the poor soul who is on my machine tomorrow if I have another night without sleep.

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