Jun 16, 2012

Fruit Flies and Comfy Pants

Bananas grow tiny bugs that somehow find amazing flying lift the second your hands try to smash together.   I swear, we didn't have bugs this morning, but the second that I popped the banana and decided, nah, I'll nosh on something different, the bugs just appeared.  Therefore, I believe, the bugs come from within the banana.  The same is true of other fruits, so long as they are rotting.  These tiny flies, literally emerge from within the fruit.  Hence the name, fruit flies.  Don't bother checking the facts on that one.  I'm sure of it.  You can go to the fruit stand on that.

Those black pants I love so much?  Really?  Just those?  So, I wore these super comfy, jersey knit, spacious, black, Capri pants the other night.  Today, I wore something a bit more fitting, and less "Mom- hanging-around or headed-to-the-YMCA" type of pants.  My aunt, who is only in town a short time, says, "These pants look nice on you."  That was a sweet compliment, but everyone who knows me, knows that I am not now, nor will I ever aspire to be, a fashion icon.  I sorta go the opposite way.  I don't think clothes make the person.  I also don't feel like it is appropriate to show up for certain events in wrinkly, stained, or "hole-y" type clothes either.  Therefore, I went a tad conservative and wore a nicer pair of Capri's today to share a meal with our entire family, in honor of Father's Day.

The compliment was quickly dissolved by the same said aunt when she then said, "Those pants you wore the other night?  They make you look "short."  I am aware of my challenges, and my clothes don't make me look "short."  I think G-d did that. So, reading between the lines, I am pretty sure that the eye brow raise was her way of saying they make me look morbidly obese.  I have made it clear, that no one is to use the word "fat" around my family.  That is a bad word.  However, again, I have to disagree with my aunt.  The black pants don't make me look bad.  I do.  Duh.  The pants didn't over indulge the last 10 years.  I did.  In fact, I didn't even have the pants when I started.  I was a cute little size back in the day, and I am pretty sure didn't even know that this size existed until recently.  So, let's all sit back and enjoy some more junk as we ponder the fact that
1.  I am not a fashion icon.
2. Eating a diet of bananas with bugs inside didn't cause this "short" issue I am apparently plagued with.
3. I am not one to agree with someone just to placate them and stop the conversation. I think that if you feel comfortable enough to share your opinion with someone, that they, in turn, should be able to honestly share their opinion back.  Therefore, I disagreed, and think I might have to wear my pants daily now to show my comfort level with being in those pants ;o)

I really do love those pants though.  I have reached this interesting phase of my life.  I love being comfortable.  I love being comfortable over looking good for others.  My husband loves me, and that is all that matters.  People know me well enough, and still invite us to gatherings, comfy clothes and all.  If you are always concerned about other people, than you need to also concern yourself with you.  Stay true to you peeps!  I'm a beautiful mess, but that is why I appreciate me.  

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