Jun 14, 2012

Edgar and the Book of Mormon

I told you guys that I recently found my very first blog.  It is written by a chick named Jenny Lawson, and you can find her at thebloggess.com.  So, I began reading her a few days after my failed attempt at collaborating on another blog, and in order to not want to drink myself silly, I went on and this blog was formed.  Turns out, I found that this style is a bit off the beaten path, and obviously, a niche' market, as I think two people are reading this.  Thanks Mom and Geoff!  Jenny's blog is hilarious, and her humor and her spirit are amazing testimony to allowing yourself to be true to yourself.  So, when I read her blog today, I was so excited that she was starting a book club for her book, next week.  I laid in bed, about to nod off for a quick nap, and said an unspoken prayer that perhaps, someone might loan me a copy or one might show up on my doorstep this weekend to begin the book club.

I fell asleep, and sadly, I was awoken a short time later since Geoff's phone likes to check in with me, unbeknownst to him, while he takes Brody on walks.  I can't stand those pocket calls.  Those are almost worse than the calls from telemarketers.  Almost.  But not, since you can't argue with a pocket.  So, I went downstairs to grab a snack, and see a book on the table downstairs.  I also saw turquoise blue tissue paper beside it.  Wow!  Could it be?  My prayers were answered?  I rushed downstairs, and I am not kidding, but G-d sure has a funny sense of humor.  It is an unwrapped book alright.  The Book of Mormon.  Fantastic.  I literally just left it on the table.  I came back upstairs and began this blog.  I finished the first paragraph with Geoff, the dog, and his cell phone dialing pocket came home and upstairs.  He brought the book.  Which, was still the Book of Mormon.  I said a second prayer after I saw it.  The second prayer was that maybe I was delusional and that perhaps it might change into Jenny's book.  Nope.   Geoff says, "Did you see the note?"  No, I had not.  Like I said, I saw the book, the wrapping paper, and then my hopes were dashed, and quite honestly, I am not sure that my connection to Him is working very well.  If he sent the Book of Mormon, he totally doesn't appreciate my desires.  So, I got the note, and read it.

It was from a great friend that appreciates our family well enough to share her faith.  Honestly, I was touched.  First, that she wrapped this for us.  Second, that my daughters' cryptically painted clown style Jesus picture that I hung on the front door to ward of bible thumpers had not offended her, as it was placed there in hopes that no one would try to tell me that our path was wrong.  (This aside, as I believe that the book was just in answer to all my questions toward her, since I don't know much of her faith, but I love to learn about other beliefs.)   I truly believe this was a gift of appreciation for our offering to store some things for them prior to their move recently.  That is it.  Her heart is not malicious.  She is an amazing gift to her faith, as she loves and accepts, and lives her faith, rather than debating differences of others.  Thank you friend, for taking the time to give a gift from your heart.

However, I would truly believe that our heavenly Father was close to me at this moment if a Jenny Lawson book should just appear on my doorstep, with or without wrapping.  (Isn't my faith a little screwy?  And yet, I feel if I am true to me, He loves me more.)

Our garden has really taken off this year.  I have never tried corn before, but my attempt is kinda' cute.  I have this one ear of corn coming off a stalk that just looks like a wig is hanging off the top of this baby corn on the cob.  I have named him, Edgar.  Edgar's hair was swaying in the breeze as I watered him today.  I began imagining how he might taste, and then got kind of upset that I might one day eat him.  Seems wrong.  So, at this time, I don't believe he will become part of a meal for our family.  Although, if he has other brothers and sisters, I might consider eating them.  Then, I began thinking, "Would that upset Edgar?"  So, maybe I won't eat his siblings.  Here's my thought on that.  If I eat them, I might see them again after I digested them, as Shay pointed out to me recently.  (She was alarmed, therefore, I had to explain that corn can not be broken down in our gut, and she will forever poop corn.)  Then, I'd be reminded of Edgar if I ate them, and then feel the guilt of that.  So, no Edgar or his siblings.  I think the rest of the growing season will be spent in a fast with prayer intentions of finding a person in need of a spiritual path and a complimentary book, finding corn that is unrelated to Edgar, and that Jenny Lawson herself would just send me a book-- and not one on religion.  I got those.

Geoff decided to tell a joke at dinner last night.  I don't remember him ever telling a joke before, therefore, I was sort of excited by his attempt, then disturbed when I knew the ending and it was dinner time, and we had guests from out of town with us.

What was Tigger doing looking in the toilet?  .........  Looking for Pooh--- or Edgar's family.

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