Jun 9, 2012

Drugs, Planets, Helen Keller and her kitty?

I had the perfect blog for yesterday in my head, sadly, my head and "Vic" were battling it out, and "Vic" won, and I was asleep by 7:30 PM and just woke up.  Phew.  That was a nasty one, but headache free now, and moving on.  I hope I get back to sleep soon, as the day is PACKED, and I will be on the move from 8:30 AM to pick up my niece to join our fam. for Lowe's Build and Grow at 9:AM, then drop her off and head to volunteer with radKIDS at the "Y" at 12:30-2:30 PM, then to workout, then to volunteer with Forever Fed with the fam. at 5:30-8:30 PM.  Yeah, it's a shame I can't find much to do these days.  Guess sleep is for the weak.  I'll have plenty of time for rest when I'm dead.  Onward and upward!  

So, yesterday morning, on our way to the YMCA, (Honestly, don't you think this blog should be titled, "On our way to the YMCA?"  I swear, the best conversations happen going there.  I love my time in the car.  We talk, sing, dance, and occasionally, but not often, do the Chicken Dance.  Not my favorite.  I mean, who really likes a polka dance?)So, on our way, and Shay says, "I see the moon."  This set off a fantastic science lesson on planets, rotation, and Helen Keller.  Naturally we would go there, right?  

So, turns out, when I began my "lesson-on-wheels" set to some fun music in the background.  Clearly, this is not polka playing music time, and I found out that Chazman had already learned about the rotation of planets.  How do I know this?  Because after I explained it, he gave this very exasperated "I knooooow." Shay was interested, and appreciative of my two handed demonstration, while I am almost positive the drivers on either side of me were a tad nervous of my elbow driving or thought I was making up some new obscene gestures.  Either way, I think the demonstration was ingenious, and any opportunity to practice elbow driving is important.  If you don't practice that sort of stuff, you never get any better, right? (Okay, that was all a joke.  Not the driving, but the safety of it was slightly not in my best judgement, but I promise, the elbow part was not really as dangerous as it seems.  The demonstration was done at a red light, and then for about 5 seconds on a highway while I am all too skilled at the planet rotation demonstration for my age in life without a degree of any sort.  It's a gift.)  

Then, while the sun beaming in on Chaz, he says, "Why the moon out AND the sun?"  Well, if you knew so much about the rotation bit, not sure how you missed that part of the lesson little man, but okay, here we go again.  So, after a it more talk, I said, "Don't stare directly at the sun.  It can damage your eyes."  That is where the real learning began.  The last part there intrigued Shayna, and she asked what that meant.  I told them that you can go blind.  Then Charlie asked what that meant.  Luckily, Shay is an expert of Helen Keller afflictions, therefore, I was able to practice my elbow driving while Shay did the rest of the education-ing. (Isn't that a fun new word I made up?)  

Shay- Charlie, blind is when you can't see.  Do you remember my kids meal I got from Chik-fil-A when I got that book on Helen Keller?  Well, she was blind.  She could not see anything but black.  And she could not hear.  She was deaf- like daddy.  But worse. Because she could not talk.  (I don't know how not being able to talk is worse off than daddy, as daddy is just argumentative about what he thought he heard, or didn't hear at all.  I think Helen had it slightly easier because people weren't always getting pissed off at her.  I might be wrong.  That Anne Sullivan seemed pretty intense.)  

Charlie- Really, only black?  

Shay- Yeah.  So she could see black cats.  

Charlie- Oh.  

Shay- Mom?  Can you turn on the Chicken Dance?  

Me- No.  Our drive is only 7 minutes to the "Y," and sadly for you, your explanation of blind took up your Chicken Dance time.  Sorry, get your bags ready.  I think it's time to sing songs the apostles did not.  

PS  At some point, I might want to explain that blind does not mean that you can only see black cats.  But for now, I think it's harmless.  Until we meet a blind person, and my daughter asks about their cat.  Then we might be doing some more education-ing.  Wow, that word is very handy.  Not sure how I have gone 35 years without it.  Lucky for us, I found it now.  

PSS, or PPS, whatever happens in the plural/ordinal form of that word.  "Vic" and "Demi" were possible names of my children since I had extreme migraines during pregnancy, and took copious amounts of Vicoden and Demerol.  A coworker assumed that I should name a kid after it.  Sadly, I picked some meaningful names instead of the funny ones.  Vic might have suited Chazman, but since Demi Moore went all cattywhompus on us the past few years, grateful I choose a hebrew name for my girl migit.  It suits her well.  Shayna Rachel.. pretty little lamb.  Wow... now you know Hebrew.  Be careful, you once you go Hebrew.. never mind.  You will go back.  As once a year celebrating oil for eight nights gets kind of redundant.  But the birth of a SAVIOR!  That's something to party up.  

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