Jun 13, 2012

Isn't it Ironic?

I woke up about an hour ago, nauseas.  Luckily, this happens often enough that I keep little ginger sucking candies in the drawer of my nightstand for just these occasions.  However, I am very sensitive to spicy food, and these cause my tongue to burn during, and after the nausea has resolved.  So, I go from one unpleasant issue to the next.  Isn't it ironic?  Which reminds me of my mother.  

No, she is not unpleasant.  I love her.  I love her because she is kind, thoughtful, and thought provoking.  She has a bit of Dory in her.  Remember that short attention spanned, little, blue Ellen Degeneres voiced fish that helped Nemo's daddy?  Yeah, my mom has some serious memory issues.  Most of us joke that we can't remember what we had for breakfast.  Mom- true story.  Not only can she not remember what she had, if she had it all.  So, this story that she tells me, repeatedly, seems more ironic because she remembers this part.

A few years after she graduated from high school, she ran into an old classmate.  The classmate recognized my mom, and said "hi," but mom didn't remember her.  Mom said it was really embarrassing since the girl went on to say that they had sat next to each other for four years in homeroom.  Mom, still no recollection.  The girl in this story is irrelevant.  That fact that Mom remembers this part, the running into the chick, but not the chick, is what snags me.  If you can remember the chance meeting, which didn't last more than five minutes, why not the four years together in homeroom?  (Mom, tell us the truth- you had a drug induced high school  experience and just don't remember licking that mushroom each morning.  We can handle the truth.)  Isn't it ironic? 

PS  The story that she told me.. if she told me once, she told me twenty times.  Just showing off her memory I suppose. 

Having a conversation with my mother takes a little skill.  First, she enjoys hearing herself talk.  Her words.  Not mine.  Although, I'd have to agree.  I enjoy hearing her talk ;o) However, when you do talk to her, or as I like to say, "active listening," if you have something to say, write it down for later.  One does not interrupt a Dory speaker.  If I go to interject something, she loses all train of thought, and that in itself if frustrating, for her.  I like to think of it as practice for when she gets old, and the remaining part of her mind decides it's done.  

It's time to go... uh, what was I do up at 5:AM again?  Hmmm... don't remember, but my tongue is on fire... Should go treat that.  I could brush my teeth.  But then I'd be really awake.  Oh, sleep.  Yes, that's what I'm back to.  

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