Jun 6, 2012

I dodged another bank trip.

Why must my sons' first Tooth Fairy experience begin with a medical procedure?  Because, since he was born, nothing was just normal for him.  Poor dude.  (He can't stand being called a "dude."  FYI)  I knew this was coming, as we saw the tooth sprout up during nightly flossing a couple of months ago.
For the few here that have children of my childrens' ages, yes, you have to floss their teeth each night.  If not, you will begin teaching your child poor dental habits and they will have poor dental experiences because of it.  And while I'm up here, (my proverbial soap box) your young children are not able to properly care for their own teeth, therefore, you must assist in brushing their teeth from the time they are 6 months until around 7 or 8 years old.  I am not even kidding.  (Stepping down, but not too far from the box, as I have other things to address about raising children, and this one was relevant.)  The baby tooth in its' way was not the slightest bit loose.  Of course.  That would be too easy. So, once the new tooth reached the height of the baby tooth, the dentist has to pull it.  And while he was there, he took the tooth next to it, as the adult tooth there was just about to pop out of the gums there as well.  I guess we forgot to tell my boy migit that he was having his teeth extracted.  I guess it didn't matter, as he didn't know about it.  When he was brought out to me, I asked for his teeth.  He was confused.  I asked him if he knew he had his teeth taken out.  He did not know.  When I asked if he felt the shot, he was, to say the least, flabbergasted.  He actually ran looking for a mirror.  He laughed when he saw it.  He had never been numbed, and made funny faces all afternoon until it wore off.  So, at six years, eight months, he loses his first teeth.  He has been a medical marvel to us.

When discussing possibly losing his teeth and having the Tooth Fairy visit one day, our son said that he wants a silver dollar, since the last time my niece spent the night, she lost a tooth that day, and the tooth fairy, who looked a lot like her Aunt Erin, (just sayin') left a silver dollar for her.  He was very impressed with that.  Well, when I called to tell his Grandma about this, she hinted that the Tooth Fairy needs to be prepared for tonight, and then it dawned on me-- the Tooth Fairy is out of silver dollars!  I know, how can that be, right?  Well, I texted the Tooth Fairy partner, which happens to be a "domestic" partner, and no, it doesn't have to be homosexual partner, but rather, one I have domesticated.  Anywho, not naming names, the un named "domesticated" non homo texted back a picture of two silver dollars.  Phew, as I certainly was not capable of walking back into the bank for this event.  As we all know how the last visit went.  I had two migits with me this time as well, and while I would not have to carry anyone, I would have had to hand the teller a note to try to explain the situation without the migits hearing my request,  and I bet that would cause alarm.  I am not into "alarm."  You get that, right?

I am headache free right now.  I had a migraine beginning earlier today, but took a migraine medicine, Axert, and am feeling much better.  I have struggled with migraines for as long as I can remember.  I must have been a young teen when they started.  I find that I have a much sharper sense of humor, focus, and attention while I have a migraine.  I also have a fantastic sense of humor when I am nervous.  So, as you can tell, I am pain free and very comfortable, as this blog is uninspiring.  However, two summers ago, Geoff decided that I needed to take control of the migraines, and begin treatment with a neurologist, again.  So, I went, and really liked the neurologist, and she was going to aggressively treat my migraines.  We started with two medicines that she thought would act as a migraine prophylaxis.  (Meaning, stop the headache before it started.)  Well, it didn't work.  So, after two months, she decided to stop one of the medications, and switch it to a similar type of drug.  The next day, was a Saturday.  I woke up and felt nausea's.  Then, I began having electrical current type feelings in my brain.  At which point, I was pretty sure this was a reaction to either the new medication, or withdrawals from the one I had stopped the day before. We put a call in to the on call neurologist and waited.  Then, the skin crawling began.  I was nauseous, and every part of me was miserable.  We got a call later that night and most pharmacies were closed.  Geoff spoke with the neurologist, and she called in a prescription, and I told Geoff that it was late, and that he could just pick it up first thing in the morning and I would be fine until then.  I went to sleep in the guest bed, since I didn't know if I would be up all night and didn't want to bother Geoff and his sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I heard the boy migit coughing, and then he called for me.  Geoff is deaf, and I knew he didn't hear any of this, so I ran out of bed, and grabbed him from the top bunk and whisked him into the master bedroom, threw him on the bed, turned the light on, and yelled at Geoff that our boy child had croup, and to call 911.  He didn't hear much of what I said, as he truly has hearing loss, and doesn't sleep with his hearing aides in.  At that exact moment, I felt like I was going to pass out.  I couldn't see or hear much, and I went over to the toilet to either vomit or give myself a swirly.  I was sure either one would feel better than I was feeling at that time.  Geoff looked over at me, and I saw the fear in his eyes.  He said, "What's wrong with you?  You are white!"  I swear, I thought this was a silly  time to go over my ethnicity, and I had assumed this was not news to him.  I managed to look up into the mirror and saw that my face, lips and all, were totally white.  The only thing I could think at that moment was how pissed I was that I had not written out all of of our sons' supplements he was on, and how I was going to die and have poo all over the place.  I do remember the  police showed up first, and I was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and then Geoff came with my non communicative/relational jock strap to have our son looked at.  I don't remember much else though.  I swear, if he had not woken up with croup, I might have not woken up that night.  Turns out, I should have titrated off that one medication, and I was fine within the week.  Blood pressure returned, and I have my medical marvels' medical issues to thank for being here today.

PS  This is the last time I am spending the entire blog trying to conceal the "migits" names.  I know that the few of you reading this are family, or want to be, so I guess it's a non-safety issue.  And even if you shared it, you didn't share it with psychopaths, right?  Go ahead, share it.  And just maybe,  I can make the term "migit" better for the entire world.  Or, at least, desensitize one very tall migit fearing man.

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