Nov 2, 2012

The blog in which she quits.

It's a first for us.  I wasn't sure how to handle it, but finances won, and so, I let her.

Let's start with this past Summer when she begged to join the swim team.  I didn't think she was a strong enough swimmer to start, but I let her join since I had her brother doing it, and it would be more fun for her to be on the team with him. Plus, the swim team at the YMCA is amazing, and before the swim meets even begin, I knew her swim strokes would be vastly improved.  I was right.  On all accounts.  She wasn't strong enough.  However, by the time the meets began, all those weaker swimmers were ready, including her.  She wanted to quit by the third practice.  We have a serious talk in the bathroom during that practice.  I told her she could quit, after the last meet.  She would have to see this one through.  No more tears.  Just work hard, and if she didn't want to do it again next year, Dad and I would support her.  Well, end of story- before the last meet, she told me I was right, and she thanked me for making her continue.  She was the child who would ask to go practice swimming laps inside while we were outside playing on the diving board or the current channel.  While she is not the best five year old swimmer out their, she loved the camaraderie, the ribbon ceremonies, the friends, and improving.

Shay has loved dance since her first ballet/tap class a year ago, last Fall.  I learned that there was a ministry that held low cost dance classes in Woodstock, and was so grateful.  Shay has been a trooper her whole life.  She has sat patiently since before she can remember, each week, for hours, as her older brother had his multitude of therapies.  From the first classes to the recital last May, she asked almost daily how many more days until the next time she could go to dance.  This year she started kindergarten, and she is having a hard time catching up on "being a kid."  She wants down time.  While we only go one day a week to therapy and gymnastics for her brother, she still wants more down time.  So, I allowed her to drop out of dance.  I am having a harder time than she is.  I really wanted for her to find something she was passionate about.  If being able to play with her dolls, write in her journal, and have play dates is what she is passionate about, then I will be happy for her.

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