Nov 23, 2012

The blog in which I share my original 18" doll PVC pipe table and chairs set.

Table- I attached this on the underneath side.  Get creative with it.  
You will need 12 of those connectors.  (They are the three whole corner ones)  Then you need (8) 5" pieces of pipe for the legs of the table and the the back of the chair. (8) 3 1/2" pieces of pipe for the seat, and (4) pieces of pipe at 6 1/4" for the table top.  This was created with scrap pipe, and measured just to what size I thought looked best.  

Showing you how you slip the chair back on.  
Collapses very easily and crazy easy to store in the  chair backs.  
Bitty Baby to show size.  Bitty babies are not too much smaller than the 18"  full sized dolls.  They are fuller though.  That dress is for an 18" doll, but it fits the Bitty Baby.  
And this is the reason I could not get a picture with the actual doll.  The hippy chick would not let go of her prized Julie as I was taking the pictures.  I was doing the picture taking while she was not around. This is one of her three gifts she is getting for Christmas this year.  Shhhh... It's a secret!  The PVC tent, (see the tutorial on that from yesterday) this table and chairs, and the bed.  Tutorial to come on that.  The bed is done, but the sewing part is not.  Julie was a gift from her grandparents last year.  She got her Bitty Baby the year before from the same said grandparents.  This year, I nixed yet another trip to the store with them, but I think it might be fun to send them with her to get her dolls ears pierced as a special outing.  Hmmmm.  The gifts behind her are for her birthday.  One being the Mckenna doll she pooled all her birthday gift money for, another the Mckenna bar and beam set that Geoff and I are giving her, and the other is a Julie and Ivy American Girl paper doll set she saw and fell in love with at BJ's a few months ago.  Her brother is giving her that.  It's going to be a very American Girl doll type of year.  She is also getting the AG service dog and the AG "Get Well" set from her other grandparents.  I swear, they have thought of everything.  Good thing she already has the wheelchair to go with the upcoming cast and crutches.  I think we will open a orthopedic clinic if the service dog can't help her enough.  That way we can get her the physical therapy she needs.  The doll, not the child ;o)  Happy Birthday to my now six year old hippy chick!

PS  The stars are done with a star shaped cookie cutter and paint.  I love that little extra touch ;o)  Total for project with tax- $15.01 


  1. I wanted to get Paige the bar and beam set but it is so expensive. You are so creative!!!

    1. Okay, both could have been made. Have you seen the real bar and real beam I gave my dad the wood and instructions to build for Charlie? Same idea, but use small PVC pipe for the bar and square dowels for the beam. I bet I could make a set of that as well, but we already have it. We chose to not have a party of any sort for her this year. (Last year she had her first with three friends and I made a little luncheon for the girls and they played a few games, did some crafts, and had a little tea party.) Instead of spending money on that, we thought we'd buy the $85 AG set for her. She was so thankful. I honestly wish I knew how to work with wood since I have tons of ideas for that, but need tools and the know how too. My brain is wired to "diy" at all times. I see things all the time and think, "I bet I can imagine a less costly way to create that." Sometimes, it becomes an obsession, and we have 54 pillowcase dress matching outfits, or an addition to the house with PVC pipe or gymnastics equipment ;o) Thank you for the compliment! Please share with friends you feel might appreciate the tutorial. It's my Christmas gift to those struggling this season ;o)

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial! We've repurposed a folding bed tray for our dolls' table, but I needed some chairs and couldn't think of anything that didn't require woodworking skills.

    I may give these chairs a try and see if I can add a chair back, since one of the dolls is a Springfield that needs a bit of support to sit up without falling backwards.