Nov 29, 2012

The blog in which it's the last few days in pictures.

Shout! was afraid to stay there, so he relocated to the safety of the cookie jar.  

Later in the day, Scott, our deer, found Charlie's glasses while he was at gymnastics.  Silly.  
Notice the face of Jesus in the light?

Still see the face of Jesus from a different angle?  Any way you look at Him, He will be looking at you.  

Try to see Jesus.  That's what it's all about.  Subliminal for my atheist friends who only see some perv show ;o)  I love you my atheist friends!  
It was an interesting week.  Some people not feeling so great, but our elf, "Shout," and his three some were at it, and some days, made mid-day changes in their location since this year, "he" has so many amazing plans for us.  I found and modified a gluten free recipe for peanut butter cookies, and renamed them, "GF energy cookies," so that I could send them in for snack today with my daughter and not feel guilty for sending in junk food.  Truth is, I will always see peanut butter as a protein.  And a protein is like a main course food.  So now, by my logic, this cookie is the main dish.  I see your confusion.  Just keep moving.  BTW- they were fantastic!
Don't look!  That's my chick in that hot gown!  

I stopped by the animal shelter one day since I was near it.  There were only a small handful of cats to play with.  This cat was so cross eyed, I had to try to not laugh.  I didn't try too hard.  

The only thing better than a cat with a lazy eye is a cat with a lazy eye, yawning.    
Mostly just a couple of black cats.  I felt like I was in the 'hood.  (That's not racist.  I can say that, because, ya' know... My best friend is a cat.) 

This was a mid-day relocation job. Migits came home from school and found this while enjoying their snack.  

Right.  Well.  Underwear and panties hung in the living room are unique.  And aren't we all teaching our children to be unique?  This was really a fantastic life lesson.  
Thank goodness Shout! was there to remind us to pick up some more tissues!
It's like a cross between a serenade and Cirque Du Ariel.
Naughty Elf!  What a mess!  That was day one.  

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