Nov 10, 2012

The blog in which I am not as smart as Daddy.

I get this call from one of our friends a few times a year.  It wasn't a call this time.  It was a FB message- and we aren't even FB friends!  (I love this couple, but the wife is not on FB, and the hubby is very careful about what he talks about, and I muck up with kids names and such and have to be disciplined for it, so I think we are best not FB attached.)  So, the message was asking if Geoff could see a movie with him tonight.

Rolling along, Geoff texts me a few hours into the day and says that he did text with our friend, and turns out, he thought he might be coming down with a stomach bug.  Okay, works out well since Geoff tells me he is tired and has a headache when he gets home.  We watch our movie, later than usual, and as we are finishing up our prayers, I hear my text alert ding.  It's our friend, texting to say that he is feeling better, and can't get through to Geoff on his phone.  They chat, and decide to head to the 10:20 PM showing, which was a mere ten minutes away, and at least 20 minutes before they could get there.  SOOOOO, our friend comes over and since we had free tickets that needed to be ordered online, we found that there was another showing at 11:30 PM, and yes, the gift certificate would work for that show.  PERFECT.

Now, the husband part of this duo is incredibly bright.  His wife sometime overwhelms me with her knowledge on certain issues that we both are pretty knee deep into, however, she can present it in very easy to digest snippets.  When her hubby talks, I feel like I need a freakin' degree.  And that brings me back to that degree....

A few weeks ago, Shay commented on how she didn't know her daddy was so smart.  (They won the Christmas trivia game on Friday Family Fun Night, last month.) Hello?????  I was raised Jewish.  Of course this is not going to be my strongest subject area.   I tried to boost her image of her daddy, so I threw in a little truth, yet sorta' not.

Shay- I didn't know daddy was so smart.

Me- Oh yes.  He is so very smart.  He went to college, and I didn't.

Shay- Oh.  No wonder he is smarter.

All true, but sorta' not, seeing as she keeps throwing it in my face about how he is smarter and I should ask him how to do something if I am struggling- because, ya' know---- He went to college.

Me- ARGH!  I can't get this macaroni and cheese box open!

Shay- Maybe you should ask Daddy to help--- he went to college.

Me-  I won't bother.  He doesn't know how to boil water, sweetheart.

Me- Why won't this stain come out of the clothes?

Shay-  You could ask Daddy- ya' know, he went to college.

Me-  Yeah, but unfortunately, nobody told him that you can't wash a stain without pre-treating it.

So, while I did not get a degree at a four year college, I did take some course at SUNY Purchase in NY, and then followed that with a 9 month medical assisting course that I took and passed a national certification for.  But none of that prepared me for one single conversation with a man that talks so beyond my level of knowledge of everything, down to a multi-vitamin, that all I can do is blog/sulk about the fact that while my hubby can't boil water,  he went to college, and can fake follow this crazy smart friend of ours in the most basic of conversations.

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