Nov 21, 2012

The blog in which I love you, but let's not hug.

Do we have to?  I really only like to do it with about no more than eight people.  First, my mom. I really love doing it with her.  She is good at it.  She's squishy in the right places.  Geoff.  He makes me feel really good when he does it.  Then, my kids.  That is four.  Next would be my nieces and nephews, but some of them don't like to do it either.  That leaves me with my dog.  He is amazing at it.  But that is it. I don't like to hug other people.  I certainly don't want to kiss them, either.  Oops.  I forgot Aunt Carol and Uncle Bill.  They get in the action, but only because my Grandma and Grandpa died, and that left two openings.  You're welcome.

Truth is, I just don't feel a need to hug people.  What's wrong with me, you wonder?  Nothing.  I just get enough of it from the right people, and hugging the lady doing check in at the YMCA or other places, seems weird.  I love them, in the way that I love ALL people.  (Lest we not confuse love and like here.  I am told to love.  I don't have to like.  Most of my family luck out because of my faith.) See?  I am not sure why "some" people still harbor angst regarding my religion switch.  If it weren't for that, I would not continue to love you, pray for you, and ACCEPT you for who you are.  Hmmm.  Interesting.

I am close with lots of people.  But can't me just wishing a Happy Thanksgiving be sufficient for you?  Must you step out from behind the counter, hang up on that customer, or walk ACROSS. THE. STREET to hug me for a ridiculous holiday we celebrate the time we stole land from the natives?  COME ON PEOPLE!  I'm not really that great a hugger.  And, I don't like this holiday.  It just gets in the way of my three month long celebration of the birth of our Savior.  Plus, there isn't any great music for it, and as you can see, it causing me a bit of anxiety trying to dodge all those un-freakin'-necessary hugs people feel they need from me.

I wonder if it's because I am short?  Seriously.  Think about it.  I am not of average height.  At exactly five foot tall, a mere sixty inches, EVERYONE must bend over to hug me.  My mom is the same height as me.  Easy to hug.  Geoff is only about four inches taller than me, and I love his hugs.  My face rests comfortably on his chest, his arms fall in just the right spot... ahhhh... Then the kids... I get to bend over to them.  Brody will occasionally stand up and hug me.  Or I will snuggle on the floor or on his chair with him.  All that is great.  But it's the rest of you normally bone length ed people that throw my comfort level.

I'm a fantastic hand shaker.  But that would be awkward, eh?

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