Nov 10, 2012

The blog in which it's gets confusing.

My children are at an age where they love to write.

"I love mi mom."

Shay, you need to change that to a "y" instead of an "i."  Remember that rule that sometimes the "y" say's the long "i" sound if it follows a consonant?

Right.  Thanks Mom.

"I like to trick or trete."
Charlie, you need to change "trete."
Okay, done.
"I like to trick or treet."
Hmmm.  Not quite.  It's spelled like this.......

Mom, look at this-  "I love mom.  I love Dad.  I love Shayna.  I love peple."
Charlie, honey, you need to change peple.
Okay, done.  "I love peepl."
Ummm, see, that's night right either.  There's an "o" in "people."

Shay says- Mom?  Who makes these rules anyway?

Right, well, let's move on to "i" before "e" except when these rule makers decide to screw around.

"It's "i" before "e" except if you are running a feisty heist on a weird, foreign, beige neighbor."

And to quote my nearly six year old daughter, "What the?????"

Yeah, she started saying this cute little phrase recently, and while I recognize the implications, I think it sounds cute coming from her.  Almost as cute as when she was one and a very good talker so I started having her "parrot" bad words just to hear them come from a sweet little voice.  Yes, the word "dildo" sounds so much better from an one year old.  Try it.

She knows the rules.  If she doesn't know what it means, she isn't to say it.  She is to ask me what the word means.  Well, enter first play date with a new friend, and here's how it went.

Mom?  What does "shit"mean?

It's a bad word.  We don't say that.

But what does "shit" mean?

(I know but didn't want to make more of this since the new friend was overhearing the convo.) I don't really know, but I do know that is is not a nice word, so that is why we don't say it.  (Truth is, I rarely curse, and NEVER in front of my kids- or out loud in front of my kids.)  She was as appeased with this, however, she had to tell me, in front of this child, that this friend used to word over and over.  I just said that it was not a word we used in our home.

The following morning, the girl's mom invited Shay for a spend the night.  Truth is, we don't allow children to sleep at our home, nor do we allow our children to sleep elsewhere.  There is just no need for that potentially negative situation.  Ever.  So, my child will not be spending the night or increasing her vocabulary- until COLLEGE.

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