Nov 13, 2012

The blog in which I am sleep deprived.

I am on this crazy weird sleep schedule.  Mostly, I am not sleeping at night, or all the way through the night, therefore, I crash early, and then am up- when I should be sleeping.  So, I was up since three in the morning yesterday, went to work at the school, came home to change and go workout, then fell asleep for the night at 5:30 PM.  Luckily, Geoff was off with a bank holiday.  Otherwise, those kids would have been reading their own bed time stories and tucking themselves in to bed. So, I slept until 11:30 PM, and here it is, after 1:AM, and I just finished a turkey and cheese sandwich.  (They have NEVER had to do that, but man, yesterday was a close call.)

That was stressful.  Eating a sandwich.  Everything lately seems stressful though.  First, I don't like mayonnaise touching cheese.  It can touch the lettuce and the turkey, but never cheese.  I had to pretend I hadn't noticed that the cook screwed up and allowed the cheese to touch the mayo on accident.  Each bite was torture.  The cook needs more sleep.

After only a few hours of sleep, and waking at 3:AM yesterday morning, I got the kids onto the school bus, and headed out for my weekly grocery shopping.  I shop at Kroger.  My preference?  Publix.  My budget?  Dollar Store.  My reality?  Kroger.  Life is a compromise.  So, I go to Kroger, and while I have been spending about $55-70 a week for groceries, paper goods, toiletries, I really messed up this week.  I veered from my list.  I spent $105 and that really upset me.  See, there were these steamer green beans and almond packs on sale from $2 down to $1!  I love those packs, and now the migits do too.  So.... of course we needed 6 packages.  I had planned on 2 packages, which would have cost $4, but in my thinking, I got 4 more and only spent $2 more.  In my head, I needed these green beans like a babe needs milk.  Like a teacher needs students.  Like Monica Lewinsky needs... a better dry cleaner.  Then, I noticed the eggnog in a variety of flavors.  But I refrained.  It's too early.  I need to hold out on that.  Good for me.  There's will power after only a few hours of sleep!  Oh, but we need more whipped cream in a can.  (THAT, was not on the list.)  Cinnamon.  Instead of the value one for a buck, I opted for the larger container.  See, I veered.  So, I veered enough, and the junkiest food item I bought was a can of whipped cream.  That stressed me worse- knowing that I really don't have any junk food to turn to.

So, while I stress over the little things in life lately, here's where I nearly lost it.  As I am checking out, the lovely cashier hands me my receipt, says thank you for shopping, then proceeds to tell me how I HAVE to use my gas points or they will be gone by such and such date.  FOR REAL?  I JUST filled up!  Come on!  Put a fork in me.  I'm done.

I resolved to head to workout yesterday, regardless of how over tired I was.  I walked upstairs at my Y, and wouldn't you know it?  Those mo-fo's are walking all wrong!  Technically, there were only two men on the track, and each walking in the opposite direction of the other.  I gathered my wits and walked them and the rest of this sexy piece of tail over to an elliptic machine and elipticalled myself for 45 minutes.  Just long enough to think I was guaranteeing myself a good night's sleep and hadn't pulled every single piece of my right knee out.  Yeah, you heard that.  Back to knee problems.  But this time, it's the other knee.  Oh goodie.

Charlie has only been checking out one book at a time, when allowed two, and it's killing me to keep coming up with AR (Accelerated Reader) books for them since Shay isn't going regularly to the library at school.  So, I am scrambling here at home to meet the 8-10 books a week they test on in class because darn it if my kids aren't motivated by cheap toys and the one elusive "Coach for half a day" incentive.  Charlie was on track for that last year, but near the end, his teacher insisted that we only allow two books a week since she felt he was stressing over it.  Truth is, he really wanted that prize.  And to my knowledge, only one girl in the class got it.  She and Charlie got the hat prize the same week.  It killed him when she had her half a day to be "coach."  So, this year, we are poised for greatness- or at least, on track for that prize level, but man, if I have to keep digging for books.... (Like going to the library would kill me? Well, sort of.  Having the threat of not returning them kills me.)  Over the summer we checked out about 20 books a week.  One week, I was late returning them by a few days.  Guess what, I spent over $5 to return them!  Luckily, Charlie's teacher took the time to figure out the problem, and found the second book, and for that- I LOVE HER!  (Well, she's a great teacher, but it's the little things that endear them to me.)  She deserves more Starbucks.

Exercise really does help me manage my anxiety, focus, and sleep routine.  Obviously, I am not doing it enough lately.  What sorts of things help you be fabulous?  Besides wine.  See, I already got some of you down.  Okay, most of you.  Yeah, I can see this will be a very small conversation.  Out of the three of you that read this blog, one is Baptist, another is Mormon, and the other is an alcoholic.  I meant to say, Catholic.  Oops.  My bad.

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