Nov 28, 2012

The blog in which it's the latest installment of "I didn't go to college."

My daughter is really grabbing on and not letting go of a small piece of information I shared with her a few months ago.  Every so often, it comes up, and she throws it in my face.  Truth is, I am very comfortable with the information, but it keeps getting tossed my direction in a pathetic tone.  Tonight, while eating dinner, Shay says, "You know what a rhombus is?"  (Notice, I DID know how to spell it.)  I told her I thought maybe another name for a geometric shape.  She said, it was another name for a diamond.  I had to Google it.  I didn't think it was true, but darn it if her kindergarten teacher isn't doing a fantastic job and she came home with this useless piece of info.  (I mean, I have never had to use that information, until, well, tonight.)  So, here's the part I was not so thrilled with.

Charlie- She doesn't know it because she's old.

Shay- No.  It's because she didn't go to college.

Right.  Well.  I am going to ask Shay to ask her father, the "educated" one in the house.

Done.  He just got in from work.  And she asked him if he knew what a "rhombus" was.  He asked her to repeat it, since I think he didn't hear her the first time.  Then, he quickly replied,  "It's a type of cloud."  She told him that no, it was actually another name for a diamond shape.  He said he had never heard that.  I tried to make this a teachable moment.

"See, Shay....  Even though Daddy went to college, it doesn't mean he knows everything, or that I am not smart."

She had a quick rebuttal to that.

"No!  No!  That's because they didn't have that when Daddy went to college."

Touche'.  Put a fork in me.  I'm done.  And Daddy probably had to use encyclopedia's, thesauruses and a Websters.  And an abacus.  And he probably drew with mud on the cave walls.  And he might have had a dinosaur as a pet.  And his first car was foot powered.  And.... and I am exacerbated.  But I am not sure what that means, because, you know, I didn't go to college.

PS I did video the exchange between Geoff and Shay and he nixed that.  See, he really does have veto power.  But that's only because he went to college, and knows what the word "veto" means.  ;o)  I love you Mr. Ahrens ;o)

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