Jan 2, 2013

This is horrible.  I woke up yesterday morning, after having a fantastic New Years Eve at my folks, with a sore throat.  Kinda' weird, since it was localized to just one side.  Then, midmorning, we went home.  It was a rainy day, and we all slept on and off most of the day.  By night, I was really in bad shape, and by over night hours, the body aches, fever, sore throat, stomach ache, etc. had reached it's peak.  I managed to tell Geoff that I was really in bad shape, and that I needed him to stay home to get me to the doctor.  I really thought it was the flu.  When the nurse jumped back into the room to tell the doc that it was not flu, but instead, strep throat, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  Well, in all fairness, I was ready to pass out anyway, and the sweat started pouring out of me as the fever decided to break right as my exam began.  Nice.  Strep smelling breath, pajamas rockin', and now, sweaty.  I was a hot mess, literally.  And the best doctor in the world, I mean it, says, "Fun pajamas!"  I love him.

In the past thirty six years of my life, I have never had strep.  I have had enough exposure to it, that I assumed I was immune to it.  I swabbed more throats when I was in the medical profession than I can count.  I was coughed on by strep positive people for years.  I could look at or simply smell it and tell you what it was.  But this time, was different.  My entire body is tender.  My throat hurts and my ear on that side is sore as well.  My stomach hurts, even to eat a throat numbing cough drop.  I have slept and sweated, and slept some more.  Geoff has been by my side through most of it today.

My mom even came and watched the migits while I went to the doc with Geoff.  I am so lucky to have her so close.  I told her to leave as soon as I got home, but she wanted to stay until Geoff came home with the prescription and I was done showering.  Praying she doesn't get it, but knowing that I was upstairs, and she was downstairs, I felt comforted that she would be safe.  I

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