Jan 29, 2013

The blog in which Mom is hanging out with me today and we have a sexy photo shoot.

My mom bought me a gift a few weeks ago.  It was a footed pajama outfit, and honestly, I love it.  Geoff expressed an honest desire for something like it, so Mom found this.  I had to try it on for him.  He is one lucky guy.  At least, that is what I try to make him believe.
Oh my.  The cleavage.  Hot.   
That is one, sexy, confident, Oompa Loompa of the year. 
Do I look more like a Smurf in need or a just a perfectly formed Oompa Loompa?  
I "sexted" this to Geoff.  (It was my first attempt in this craze. )  Nailed it.  
Of course, needed to complete this collection with a "duck lips."  You.are.welcome.

I really will try to stick to the blogher.com theme this month; but I think I might be a little off the mark on this one.  

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