Jan 30, 2013

The blog in which I struggle to find the love.

I went from having a panic attack to having a bad panic attack.  That was my day.  Actually, that started yesterday morning, since I follow the weather like some people follow the stock market.  And by "some people," I mean the obsessive compulsive ones like my father.  While I freely admit to my craziness, "others" may not recognize their own issues.  I am here to point those flaws out- and tell you, I KNOW WHERE I GET THEM FROM.  (He hasn't spoken to me in over ten years, but I still appreciate his stubbornness, and the fact that he talks to himself like the Swedish Chef when he cooks.  Gotta' love crazy.  It run in our family.  Well, technically, nobody in my family runs, hence our shapes.  I have chosen to get into shape.  The shape I have chosen is an oompa loompa.  Nailed it!

Tonight, I am having a hard time getting into this month's assignment.  (Remember? The theme is "love.")  However, today, I can tell you that I love my neighbor for helping me get my son from school this afternoon while I was hiding from possible tornadic activity, down in Marietta.  I also love my mom for still living in a house with a basement, only about 20-25 minutes away.  And lastly, I love that I saw no less than five other moms panicking today during the storms.  I felt a little less weird.  And honestly, isn't that all we ever want at the end of the day?

Jenn- I honestly can not tell you how much I appreciate you going to get my migit today.  I owe you- big time! And also to Stacy for helping with your migits while you grabbed mine. To friends who act like family, and to family that.... well.  They suck.  You know who you are.  (There.  How's that for a loving post?)  Nailed it.

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