Jan 4, 2013

The blog in which I apologize.

Our family was invited to a wedding last weekend.  It was the first wedding for the migits, and only the sixth wedding I had ever attended, including my own.  This was to be a really great bucket list item for the children, and proved to be a perfect ceremony for us.  It was cozy, intimate, and they served candied bacon.  I mean, really.  It couldn't have been any better!  Unless, of course, that sugared lard was served to each of us off a skewer dangling out of our own personal, parting gifts- unicorns!  But that is just plain silliness.  We all know that would be a frivolous wedding expense.  I could just see that convo with the in laws.... "So, we were thinking that we would cover the cost of the tent, the flowers, and the bar.  All you need to concern yourself with is the unicorns and the sugared fat we we would like to serve."  I would so have that conversation, however, I eloped, mostly because I didn't want to argue with anyone, and I don't have many people I allow to argue with me.  I do let Geoff argue with me, and that is for the mere fact that I always win.  Yep.  He's doing it right.  

So, I was chatting it up with one of my closest girlfriends the other day.  We caught up on the holidays, families, and thanked her for her profuse kind words on my Facebook pictures I posted of us at the wedding.  She is very sincere, and I love that about her compliments.  If I look terrible, as I have for years, she won't say anything.   It's been quiet on the compliment front for a while.  However, I don't really get into the vanity stuff.  You all know how I feel about that.  I am overly confident with who I am on the inside, and love the person I am.  I don't want to erase wrinkles, cover gray hair, etc.  I want my age to show.  I want my life experiences to show.  (I was a "cutter" in my mid teen years, and have faint scars on the top of my thighs to prove that.  I live with PCOS, and have acne and excessive body hair to prove that.  I guess what it comes down to is... I know what I look like, and so do you.  No need to cover it all up and be something I am not.  That, my peeps, is confidence.)  I have found a man that loves me, hair and all.  I don't need to hide from that.  But darn if my beard doesn't stop soon, I am going to buy stock in Gillette.  

Back to the wedding convo.....  She mentioned how I declined her invite to be a bridesmaid.  I laughed.  I thought she was kidding.  She.Was.Not.  Not even a little.  And I sensed her hurt for my refusal to participate in her wedding.  She said that I refused because I didn't want to wear the dress.  For the record, I loved the bridesmaids dresses, however, it's probably true.  I haven't worn a dress since????  I didn't even wear one to my OWN wedding, and I was a size 6-8 for that event! 

The real reason for this post?  I am sorry that I could not get over myself for her sake on her special day.  She works harder in her marriage than I do in a single calendar month.  She works to better herself, her spouse, and the lives of those around her.  Between her and her husband's family, it is like watching a circus, and she does it with grace, dignity and humor beyond human capacity.  While I am incredibly honest with her about her flaws, I am not as open to share my true admiration for her faith, love, and generous spirit.  I love you, friend.  I hope you see that I am heartily sorry that I could not stuff my hairy self into a strapless dress on your special day.  I hope you forgive me- and my gray, wrinkling, hairy self.  

Dressed and ready to go to their first wedding!  I made that tie for him, that morning.  I used an old one of Geoff's that he was ready to donate.  I must say- I did a fantastic job.  Found a tutorial online for it.  

Not even kidding you.  She has wanted nice shoes with a heel since she could vocalize it.  I finally caved.  She strutted in those like you would not believe.  I can't even walk in small heels that size without looking like a peacock stuck in quicksand, doing the Gangnam Style dance.   

Geoff's forehead is rather large.  However, it's still a good picture of us.   For the record- I am only five feet tall, and Geoff is not a giant.  Pictures are deceiving.  I think he is 5' 5".  
CONGRATS to the newlyweds!  Such a beautiful love story.   

After wedding, in pajamas, with a furry crotch warmer.  Don't judge.  

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  1. Oh Erin...sniff sniff...that was the best apology from only the best gal pal ever. You...my friend...sobb sobb...are ahhhmazing and I love you so much! I am so humbled by your kind words and flattered by your steadfast friendship. You are my Catholic confidant with whom I can spill my literal guts to, knowing that you will safeguard them with your very life. You hold dear my heart. You challenge me in all the right ways and make me laugh in all the wrong ways (i.e. hair and urine on couch). No one else could I revel in the wonders of the epilady with. No one else could I eat a dozen deviled eggs with, and then get sick and laugh about it. God so strategically placed you in my life and I love HIM all the more for that.
    Thank you and I forgive you...always!
    Rache' (aka Havarti Hamm)