Jan 11, 2013

The blog in which I show a pornographic picture.

I'm feeling better!  Dare I say, 100% better????  Really, I am tired, but that could be since I am just getting back to myself, but honestly, no other complaints.  YEA!  So, I ventured out for the first time in nearly two weeks.  (I did get to a doctor and sat in a car for speech therapy twice, but that doesn't really count.)  Where did I go?  Back to volunteer in the school for about 30 minutes, then to do returns at both Walmart and Target, pick up subs for Geoff and I, a quick run into Kroger for swiss cheese, and now, I am home, and back in pajamas.  

While I was out, I was passing the speech therapy office, and had mentioned how I wanted to give a sample of home made laundry detergent to the owner to try.  He said he was looking to cut costs, and would give it a try.  He was alone, and as I was walking out, he off handedly asks, "How is this on delicates?"  Uh.  (blank look on my face)  
Me- What are delicates?  Seriously.  I don't know what those are.  I mean, I stick my bras in the wash, but they are all sports bras, so I don't know that that counts.  I don't own panty hose or dresses, so I don't know what to tell you.  I mean, I don't even separate my colors from my whites, and so on.  Everything gets a cold wash, unless it is mostly linens/towels- then, hot wash.  So, what exactly are delicates?  Oh, nevermind (I didn't want to be having this convo with him).  Just tell her to treat them "delicately."  

Owner- I'm the one who does laundry.  I'll take care of it.  Thanks!

So, while at the school, I was doing testing with the children, individually.  And one of my friends' son came to me and immediately, I got a whiff of his clothes.  YUMMO!  I remember her recently commenting on Facebook about considering making her own laundry detergent.  Yep.  Sure enough.  It was home made!  So, you should consider looking back into a my blog from September about the home made laundry detergent tutorial.  I reposted about two months ago, but not sure where.  I know the first time was our September holiday break.  (Labor Day?) I know it works for all washers, even H.E. ones, and septic safe since it's all natural (mostly), and as far as "delicates" go, I can't vouch for how this stuff works on them.  I would assume it is okay, however, I have heard that if you over use the recommended amount per load (ONLY TWO TABLESPOONS) that you will have holes in your clothes.  I have yet to experience that, but knowing that, maybe keep that in mind when dealing with "delicates."  I wonder if that term is code for sexy lingerie.  IF so, EWWWWWWW.  

So, the other day, my mom was over, and we were talking about antique stores and how fun they are to walk through with the children.  Actually, Charlie, Geoff and I walked through a huge antique "mall" in the small town my folks have their weekend getaway, Hiawassee, GA.  It was a lot of fun for Geoff and I.  Not sure if Charlie enjoyed it, but I was sort of freaked out but what they consider "antique."  Much of the things we pointed out for Charlie to marvel were things from my own childhood.  (I'm 36 peeps- don't go there.) 

The conversation evolved from talking about how one day, cell phones didn't exist.  That came up from Shay mentioning how she loves that she has a camera.  (It's built into her 4th generation iPod Touch that she has had for a few years.)  I told her that she was really lucky, since it really is a big deal, and I remember when I got my first camera, at around 10 or 12 years old.  She asked if it was on an iPod or a phone.  Uh, no.  Those weren't invented back then. I then explained about film  and such, and then talked about the types of phone that were around back in those dark ages, and then started describing the first "car phones," and then the first cordless home phones.  At this time, we haven't had a home phone for about 2 1/2 years, so that concept is already passe'.  

I think she would be a fantastic Ahrens addition.  She and my lamp would be best of friends.   It's a hunk of wood, peeps.  Hot, right?  But not so sure about the need to sell it at the small town antique mall.  I think this would sell better at the "novelty" shop down the street.  

See... not a new establishment.  
Mom said that we really should go to an antique market for an outing.  I just recently passed a local antique market, just about 2 miles from my home.  Apparently, it's been there for a long time.  I had not noticed it, until recently.  The store is in this very old looking type of house structure.  The front porch of the store has all sorts of purchase-able items.  All, except one.  I don't know if anyone will ever want it.  Other than, say, ME!  I purposely drive past it now.  I go out of my way to catch a glimpse of this beaut.  

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