Jan 24, 2013

The blog in which I share our how I am NOT collecting money.

I had a tough decision to make; to help out the campaign, or not.  First, let me start with, we are on an incredibly tight, yet doable, income.  It is doable because we are not in debt, pay bills on time, and still eat fairly healthy each day.  While we are not the family that takes elaborate vacations, goes to the movies, or eats out, we still have our fun.  We allowed ourselves to purchase a family membership at our local YMCA.

The YMCA has literally changed all of our lives.  From developing our children's swim skills, a valuable life lesson, to learning and developing gymnastics skills that has given my seven year old confidence, to the monthly, free of charge, "Parents Night Out," we feel like we have made the best, healthiest choice with the cost of our monthly dues.  While you can't beat the price of admission for your children to be among other children, swimming (indoor, heated, year round), playing in the gym with all the kids, to the occasional arts and crafts project, the smiles and the "I don't want to go home's" are what really put the cherry on top of that evening.

We found that we were not attending the YMCA as regularly as we were before the holidays.  From illness, to weekend getaways, to more illness, we were sidelined.  Now, back into the swing of life, we are back.  Just yesterday, the kids attended a kids only class while I worked out.  When I came to pick them up, the instructor told them she missed them, and that she hopes to see them again soon.  We got in the car, and my six year old says, "She wants us to come back.  Can we go next week?"  Of course, I can tell you how no less than eight employees have affected my children's lives so much so, that when it was time to make some home made holiday time gifts for teachers, therapists, bus drivers, neighbors, etc., my children both started naming all the YMCA family employees they wanted to gift.  We are talking from the front desk, to Kid Zone (childcare center) to the aquatics area-we had a box of gifts to deliver.

This is the time of your for their financial campaign.   Due to our income, we are on scholarship.  We pay dues, but get a significant discount.  This would not be possible without the help of donors.  I was asked to help solicit donations for their upcoming campaign.  I declined.  One- I don't EVER support other causes outside of the church, or a box of Girl Scout cookies.  (Merely because there are so many important causes, that it is hard to give everywhere, so we limit it to the church and their charities.)  We just don't have the money for it. Second, I can not ask of my friends to give to something because I won't ever help your cause out.  Here is where I tell you that you can choose to give a contribution, or better yet, JOIN!  Go check them out.  I am not collecting money, but if you want to give, the local Canton YMCA will be happy to receive your gift.  In the mean time, we will continue praying for no icy weather, since Friday night is Family Bingo Night, and Charlie wants to win another pair of silly, obscenely orange, soccer socks that fit the length of his ENTIRE leg ;o)  Tell Brenda or Nicole I sent ya'!

The Canton YMCA, G. Cecil Pruett Community Center Family YMCA, is located at 151 Waleska Street, Canton, GA 30114.
Phone Number (770)345-9622

See the article in today's Canton-Sixes Patch!  Share it with your friends!

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