Jan 24, 2013

The blog in which I am not meant to sleep- E.V.E.R.

So, I have gone back to my stress and sleep aide, the YMCA.  I have always said that since we signed up a year ago February, I have not lost a pound.  But I have, at times, gained control over my general anxiety and sleep.  This past week, has been a sleepless one.  I have not even been napping the past few weeks.  I have recovered from all that illness, and feel great. However, I am still not up to speed with everything.  And so, when I woke up three times last night, and then finally, before 5:AM woke for good when Charlie's coughing had him up.

So, it was decided, Charlie would stay home to rest, and I was not going to let that get in the way of my attempt at a nap.  Charlie- not the problem.  With Geoff and Shay off to work and school, I was a step closer to the nap.  I had to wake up the neighbor kid (I put her on the bus since her mom has to drive in horrible Atlanta traffic to get to work.) and wipe the drool from my breakfast bar as she fell asleep waiting on the bus.  (Mental note- Late night Justin Beiber concert is sleep inducing.  I might have to try it next time he/she comes. Looks sorta' boyish, sounds sorta' girlish.  Since when did girls decide to fall for the transvestite-ish type?)

My girlfriend is moving to Wisconsin this weekend, so we had planned on getting together this morning and for me to cut her hair.  Nixed that idea when I texted letting her know that I had a "cougher" at home, and since her immune system is compromised anyway, might be best to get a haircut, elsewhere.

So, sounds like I was set for a nap, right?  Told Charlie to grab a book and go head to bed.  He needs to rest, and so do I.  I checked on him and found that he was quietly playing with his sock monkey.  When I say "playing," I mean he had dressed him up with his robe and I'm not kidding- Sock Monkey looked like Hugh Hefner in a red fleece robe.  "GO TO BED CHARLIE!"

I lay down around nine.  Within thirty minutes, I get a call.  I was in a dream where Barney Stinson, the most womanizing man in my newest favorite show, is trying to seducing me, and Geoff is sitting next to him cracking jokes.  I was sort of glad to get out of that dream, since I wasn't sure where this was going.  I let it go to voicemail, but only after I saw that it was... wait for it.... ("How I Met Your Mother" reference)- my own mother.  I guess she thought to start early today since we didn't get a hold of each other until around 9 last night.  (We normally talk about 9 times by that hour each day.)   *There is not a sharp enough instrument to cut our cord.

Then, Charlie comes in.  "Mom, I heard a knock on the door." I told him to go back to bed.  I look out the window, and see a nice car I have never seen before.  I am not even in my footed pajamas at this point.  Door bell rings, and then, the dog begins to bark.  Crap.  I don't have enough time to "suit up," and get down before who ever is there, leaves.  (If you don't get that reference either--- HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE YOU TO START WATCHING "How I Met Your Mother?"  Keep up friends.  But start from season one. I'm watching from Netflix.)  Sure enough, the visitor is now within sight, getting into their car.  Another maternal!  This time, it's my mother-in-law!  First, she never comes by.  Second, everyone knows I am too short to look through my peep hole, so we check out the upstairs window to see who is there.  Unrecognizable cars don't get much more attention than that. Third--- SHE NEVER COMES BY!  Ugh.

I throw on the foot pajamas, and run downstairs, and sure enough, there is a bag hanging on the door.  It has a brand new, on the hanger, super heavy, winter coat for Charlie, with a matching hat.  Perfect fit and everything!  He was so excited, he insisted I let him model it.  He wanted pictures with the jacket alone, the jacket and the hood, the hat and the jacket, the jacket with the hat and the hood on, the zipper up, down, the zipper up without the hood, the zipper down with the hat.... All I can say is, I was not getting back to sleep, but now he has a really great winter jacket.  Normally, he wears one decent one, with a thinner one under it.  When he jumps on the trampoline, he generally won't wear a coat. He's so excited about this one, that I bet I can get him to wear his new one!

Great- he just came in.  Now, Sock Monkey has a cape.  Thanks.  One does want to accessorize their stuffed animals.  Especially since it doesn't seem appropriate to nap or anything.

Just the hat.

Just the jacket.  Zipped. 

Whole ensemble.  

Action shot.

Unzipped, no hat.

Unzipped, hat, hood.

PS  And there it was.  It is only 10:30 AM right now, and Charlie just said, "When is Shay coming home? "  This exact thing happens each time Shay is home without him .  Apparently, I am not sufficient company for either of them.  Thanks.  GO BACK TO BED CHARLIE!

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