Jan 6, 2013

The blog in which we pull it together tonight.

For those of you who had DFACS (is that the abbreviation?) on speed dial from my blog last night, my migits are both in bed, and it is before 7:30 PM, and both are tired.  Whew!  We all woke up around ten this morning, and then Geoff took them swimming at the YMCA all afternoon.  That always helps us sleep.  Clothes are out for the morning, breakfast orders are in, and bags are packed with snack and some homework that we got emailed over the break (spelling and reading).  How's that for turn around?    

I actually had moments of normalcy today, so I stripped my bedding, cleaned upstairs bathrooms, and worked on laundry while Geoff dusted and vacuumed, and took care of breakfast and lunch meals for the migits today.  To be on the safe side, and to ensure I am within a hop away from a bathroom, I have called in sick already for my Monday volunteer work at the school.  (I am aiming to be ready to roll for "Duck for a Buck" on Friday.)  We have our priorities.

So, back to the grind.  I'm so sad, but I have to say that we had a fantastic break, and luckily, we will be getting one long weekend this month.  Don't know why.  Is it MLK day?  Gotta' love freedom!  Or is it presidents day?  Gotta' love the boss!  Or is it Ground Hog day?  Gotta' love a rodent that is afraid of it's shadow that we entrust with forecasting the weather!  Maybe it's Valentine's day?  Gotta' love Catholic holidays that celebrate love and are a good excuse for giving candy!  Oh, I know... It's probably Veteran's day!  Gotta' love the men and women who sacrifice for us so that we can have the freedom to celebrate these silly holidays.  Nah, Geoff just informed me that it is in fact MLK Day.  Well then.  That was a wasted paragraph.  Sorry 'bout that

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