Jan 27, 2013

The blog in which Geoff and I get a rare date night.

Had the best date night in years with my uhhhhmaaaazing hubby last night.  The YMCA offers free child care drop off twice a month that each family may access once a month.  We have done this only once before, and we were both with a stomach bug that evening, so we dropped them off and then headed home to sit alone in a bathroom until we "rock,paper, scissored" to figure out who had to pick them up.  Then, last month, Shay was sick, so we cancelled.  Yesterday, we were totally ready.  

Every one healthy, gorgeous weather, and a little plan for a nice romantic evening at home.  I had made some amazing Crock Pot potato soup a month ago, and froze two serving portions for Geoff and I to enjoy at a later date.  Last night was that date, and it thawed so well.  I made some fresh beer bread, from scratch, and crumbled some cooked bacon and shredded cheese on top of the soup, and let me tell you... Oh my.  Geoff is an amazing husband, but I never really saw him as romantic- until....  he set the table with some of our electronic tea lights, turned on soft lights, and started playing Frank Sinatra (one of my fav's) in the background.  I had found a his and her "Q & A" on Pinterest, and while we slowly enjoyed our meal, we went through the list.  After dinner, I had a leftover dessert bar we had made on Friday night.  Geoff had one later, and let me tell you- they taste even better from the fridge.  I warmed mine up, but he had be try his, and it tastes more like cookie dough.  Woof.  So good.  Then, we played dominoes.  We used to play games all the time when we were first married.  The, he turned the fireplace on, maneuvered our round chair so that it was facing the fire, and we listened to Michael Buble', chatted, an stared forever out the window at the gorgeous clear night and huge moon over head.    I had no idea he had such a nice collection of music on his iPod!  It was amazing. 

The homemade brownie mixes I prepped are so handy for events like last night.  I bring those for the staff at the YMCA who are working the Parent Night Out events.  I need to suck up so that my kids are liked by the staff.    I need to get over myself.  They are good enough to be likable all on their own. ;o)  But who doesn't like homemade brownies?    The beer bread was a new Pinterest recipe I found.  I would say- this is my third different beer bread attempt over the years, and my favorite, to date.  Crazy simple, but I think the two tablespoons of honey made the difference.  Geoff thinks it was my addition to salted vs. the unsalted butter that I coated the pan with.  (I usually use a spray oil.)  

My flash is insanely bright in that soft lighting we had.  Sorry for blinding you, Babe!  

So gorg.  

We picked up the kids, came home, fell asleep, and awoke to him snoring at three in the morning, and it was then that he realized that he was sick- AGAIN.  He stopped his antibiotic a few days short of the ten day course of therapy, and let me tell you- I am not a happy camper about his choice.  GRRRR.  He is back on it, and praying he recovers quickly from this. 

In the mean time, I am thrilled to share a new cost saving tip for meds.  Chaz has been taking pills for a few years now, however, not until this fall did I realize that we could find some over the counter meds that he can take in a halved version instead of the pricier children's liquids.  He has had a night time cough with congestion during the day for four days now.  After his displeasure with the liquid generic Mucinex and Sudafed PE formulas, I went and asked the pharmacist if I could try the generic pills for adults, and he said I could.  WHEW!  The money savings on this one is astronomical!  I am giving him half of both pills, and the generic Mucinex was even scored for me.  

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