Jan 10, 2013

The blog in which I don't know what I should do about this.

I know it's almost three in the morning, but I am up.  While I have been sick for 5,474,271 days now, (okay, only since January first, not getting started on antibiotics for strep throat until the second, and now, 7,396,472 days later, still feeling like poo) I have found lots of new/old ways to entertain myself.  But one of the ways has left me feeling socially inept and confused.  First, on the list of to do when you are sick...

Go onto Pinterest.com and find the humor category.  Once there, you will find one too many videos to search and view on Youtube.com.  Mostly, you will find cat videos, and then you will post them to Facebook.  Once there, your friends will start messaging you suggested videos for your viewing pleasure.  Once you have viewed those "spit milk out your nose funny" videos, you will then see a list of recommended videos, and then watch those.  This will take up about 14 hours of your day, and you might struggle to remember to get outside to get your migits off the school bus.  When I say
"might..."  All I can tell you is, "Too many small boxes and Maru" will make you bust a gut.  And if it doesn't- you are damaged.

Over the past few years, I have succeeded in finishing watching every last Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond show on Netflix.  Each time we came to an end of the series, I went through some sort of mourning process.  I mean, it was like saying goodbye, AGAIN, and I thought I had properly done it already, the first time.  The second time was no better.  RIP my funny shows.  However, on Geoff's urging, near day 340,529, we began watching a new show for us, that neither of us had watched before.  "How I Met Your Mother."  Oh, this is good.  So much so, Geoff and I have watched seven episodes together.  Until yesterday.  I watched 21 episodes- BY.MY.SELF.  Which left him way behind, and me in season two, and realizing that he missed way too much to pick up where I was.  So, when he finally came to bed at 9:38 PM, I forced him to play catch up.  Then, I fell asleep.  And he laughed.  LOUDLY.  A.LOT.  GRRR.  Darn you funny show!  I remember yelling at him to be quiet- twice.  He was listening to the show via blue tooth in his hearing aides, but his laughter was not in his head.  Thank the heavens above he did not have any milk.  That would have shot right through his snout.

I was invited to play a game with a Facebook friend.  That is where things get dicey.  It's a game I used to play all the time.  I was good too.  So, I decided to reload that app on my phone, and start a game.  Thing is, there are three rounds, an honestly, I didn't win.  In fact, I lost, by a significant point range.  I managed to win one of three mini games within the one big game, but not by much.  Chick I was playing has four children, takes pictures like a professional photographer, makes hair bows to sell, is the room mom for my son's class,  works out more than most of those fitness instructors, and did I mention she has FOUR children????!!!???  And yet, she still managed to play each game within minutes of me playing my game, and she managed to win.  I am failing as a sick person who has allotted much of her day to random wastes of time.  I should have won.  And then, at the end of the game, her play being the final one, she said, "Good game!"

The nerve!  Uh, look lady who G-d has gifted with time and talents....  I don't need your pity.  I can waste plenty of time with strangers who can beat me and then restart another game.  Yea, I noticed.  You won, and then, didn't want to start another game.  Look, I have played LOTS of other games with friends, and I know (I think) the social rules of etiquette.  YOU should have invited me to play.  Not out of pity.  But because now it just seems like you are a snob about who you play with.  Like, I could never match you level of word scramble abilities?  Well, I not only can scramble words up like nobodies business, but really.... okay.  I suck.  Never mind.  I will find a stranger to play with me.  But can we keep this "our little secret?"  I promise to not tell anyone about your obvious mad skills and let you take the rest of them by surprise, if you promise to not invite me to anymore word games that you will no doubt hand me my backside on a silver platter with while I am sick on day 4,795,487.

So, social etiquette being blown here, but.... If you finish the game with friends thing, do you restart the game, or wait to see if they want to play again with your sorry tail?  At one time, I had to dodge a woman in the Philipines who insisted on playing more games of Words with Friends that is humanly possible.  We even SKYPED!  It was crazy time back in those early days...  Her name was Joyce.  She was lovely.  In her sixties, still working part time to make ends meet.  Her husband worked too.  She was a chatty thing that insisted on way too many games, and while we played for about six months, and no less than four games at a time (I had to set her straight once when she tried to get me to do more than that) and she played her word back to me within 0.8765 seconds after I sent mine to her.  She was a word wiz.  And the pathetic messaging she sent once I quit- cold.freakin'.turkey.  It was terrible.  She truly needed counseling.  I just couldn't do it anymore.

While I don't need counseling right now over the room mom who can do it all, and still look fabulous, I do need some closure to the etiquette part here.  So?  Should I go back to hunting silly videos on Youtube.com of college boys dancing to some tribal music, watching cats get wet, or should I have been the one to instigate another game?

PS  It is not lost on me that one day I might feel better.  But on this, really day number 9 of antibiotic, with symptoms unceasing, I don't know that it will be soon enough.  And did I mention that on Monday, my daughters pediatrician called and said that five days prior, when I sent her in the same day that I was diagnosed with strep, she had gone in with a headache.  I sent her, telling my husband he needed to have her tested.  They did, and said she was negative.  Turns out- the sent it off to be cultured.  POSITIVE!  So, at 9:30 AM on Monday morning, I ran to take her out of school, picked up her meds, kept her home until yesterday, the required amount of time to be out of school to let antibiotics start to work, and now, I am only awaiting my son to get it.  And then, once he has it, the cycle never ends.  If you give a mouse strep throat...... chances are....

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