Jan 27, 2013

The blog in which I am confused about my sexuality.

Does this make me gay?  All week I was so confident in my sexuality.  Until, mow.  I was watching "How I Met Your Mother," and Geoff and I are sitting in bed and I look over to him and worry if he knows what I am thinking.  He does not.  However, he just said, out loud, "There is nothing wrong about being attracted to a gay man."  Well, not it you are single, a man, and gay.  However, last time I checked, I was none of those.  And without a miracle....

So, I am thinking, how the heck did I start crushing on a gay man, playing it straight, and a WOMANIZER at that?  Well, let's look at the facts.  

Fact- He has a hot bod.  Exhibit A.  See the 100th episode on Netflix.  

Fact- He wears a suit.  (That is akin to a visual orgasm for my eyes.)  

Fact- Geoff thinks he's hot.  (He has impeccable taste when it comes to either sex.  We are both attracted to the same types.)  

Fact- He wears a suit!  (I know, I know.  But really, that should have be sufficient enough to see where my crush began.)  

So, does that make me a lesbian?  I might need to tell you a bit more about this past week. 

First,  I went to work out at the YMCA a few days, and once, there were two adorable young firemen working out.  Those are lovely workouts.  (The ones where they are eye candy for this morbidly-obese- stay-at-home mother of two.)  That day, I was straight confident.  

Next day, I was flipping the channels at the YMCA, and happen upon Ellen.  I love her show.  So, I am watching, and a hard core, manly, lesbian comes in front of me to work out.  I was staring at her as she got on, but not because I was attracted.  No.  I truly love the boys, but I had to figure out if she was going to tun on Ellen.  However, I think she caught a glimpse of me checking her out.  So, then, it was holy awkward, and now, I am sitting here smiling because I happen to know what she turned on to watch, and you don't.  But you might know... I am not gay.  But I am so attracted to a gay man playing the part of a straight man that mistreats women. Yeah, once I finally do set up my first psychologist/psychiatry appointment, I am sure we will address this. 

PS I also had a thing for "Mr. Grey," so I guess there is no surprise there.  

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