Jan 16, 2013

The blog in which it didn't go that well today and I think I spit fire.

Well, parts of the day were great.  Like, when I woke up.  I was pretty ding dang darn positive this was going to be a freakin' fantastic day.  Shay was super pumped that she finally received her "Coach for half a day" award and had signed up to do it today. (The best part of the award was the purple whistle she was given to keep.)  Then, I had no headache.   That is generally what dictates my mood.  While I got my workout done at the YMCA by 8:30 AM, I still had to run to the school to get the picture of my child with her whistle in the gym.  Oh yeah.  That's a keeper.  I knew I had a lot to do, since I had to pick the migits up from school right after lunch today, since they had dental cleanings scheduled for 12:40 PM.

I get home from the work out and picture taking, and shower.  Then, I get to work on my exciting new venture.  Basically, it is a writing assignment that is for the local, online paper, the Canton-Sixes Patch.  The turn around on the assignment was quick, since it was needed for an event for this weekend.  I took care of that, did the laundry, grabbed breakfast, and headed out to sit with the kids for lunch before taking them to their appointments.  Busy and productive, I was not in the least bit upset about anything.  Still, thinking I am going to make it a great day.

This is our brushing station.  Flossers are in the cups. 

Get to the dental cleanings, get handed the every six month paper work, fill it out, concerns and all for both kids,  and then the migits get called back.  First of all, I have always had high praise for this pediatric dentist office.  It is the main one in our town, and they really do have a fun office.  Truth is, today, Charlie expressed concern about not wanting to see a movie there, since he was frightened last time.  I had no idea.  Apparently, he told Shay six months ago when they were there, and she relayed the story to me today, on the ride over.  So, as soon as we walked in, some princess movie was on, and he immediately assumed there was a witch of something, so he covered his ears and started walking to a far corner.  I immediately shared his issues with the front desk, and they allowed him to pick what movie would play throughout the office.  Done.  Crisis averted.  At this office, the parents are not welcome back in the treatment areas.  I get it.  Most parents are not like me.  Either they enable the children to act like fools, or feed into fears, etc.  I am not that type of parent, and my children have never had a negative experience at a dentist office.  Personally, I appreciate the time alone in the waiting area.  However, generally, after the appointment, they come to get me and bring me back and while the doctor is examining the freshly cleaned teeth, we talk about the health of the teeth, any concerns I might have, etc.  Not so much this time.

I assumed all was great, and then, an assistant of some sorts calls me to come, and neither child is with her.   Interesting.  She tells me that both kids did great, however, Charlie has two more cavities.

Whoa lady!  Who are you talking about?  MORE???  He never had one in the past seven years of life, and now you are telling me he has two more?  I was furious.  First of all, we are not some fly by night teeth brushers.  I can not tell you how insane our routine is.  So  much so, that when my seven year old niece comes to spend the night, she asks for her own little swish and spit cup and her own individual flosser like my kids get each night.  (Some of them are fruit flavored and some are mint.  We even offer variety!)  Each morning, I allow my children to brush their own teeth.  They have a sand timer, and flip it over so that they get a full two minutes.  The digital ones broke all the time, and find that this works for us.  Night time, they brush for two minutes, then, for the past year, I have allowed my husband to brush and floss them before they "swish and spit" their Act mouth wash.  They are to swish for 30 seconds.  They just count that.  On occasion, I do the night time routine, especially while he has been working so much over time the past few months.  I use a circular motion, yada, yada, yada....

So, I was really pissy when she shares that they have heavy plaque, bleeding gums, etc.  First thought was, "I am firing Geoff.  He is no longer touching their mouths."  Second thought was, "Why is this assistant talking down to me on how I should brushing in a circular motion? And at what point am I going to discuss my concerns with the doctor?"  I actually did write in a concern for both of the children, and NEITHER concern was addresses with me.  Second, I NEVER SAW THE DOCTOR!  Have you ever?  Third, and this one really upset me because Shay thought she did something wrong- they didn't get a little dental goodie bag with a new toothbrush and toothpaste, or a little treasure box toy.  She said she saw other children with them, and she has gotten them in the past, but she said this time and the last time they didn't get one.  Just a balloon.  Wow.  That was sad.  I loved the toothbrushes since she just had strep and we had to throw away her mechanical one and use one of the freebie give aways she had received about a year ago at that exact office.  How convenient.  Until now.  She said maybe it was because they had bad teeth.  I was fuming.  Then, Shay told me that they said that her mom should be brushing her teeth.  I asked Shay if she told the lady that her daddy always did that, and she said she didn't, because she "assumed"  I swear these are her words, "that they knew daddy was doing it and not doing so well." She is wise beyond her years.  And she would NEVER argue with an adult.  I taught her that.  Yeah, I said it.

So, what do I do when I fume.  I yell.  A. Lot.  And at anyone near me.  First, I made it home and Geoff already had the heads' up that he was fired from ever touching their teeth again.  Then, I started yelling because I asked both kids to get undressed and go shower, and neither child made an effort to listen to me.  Then, Shay was crying, and it was only because I was yelling.  Wow, mom of the year.  Let me back track a tad and tell you that at lunch, I sat with a YMCA swim team mom I had met this past summer.  She is on a very unique spiritual journey, and while she wanted to share information with me, she shared people who cough are coughing because they don't get their anger out.  Well, I assured her, I always made it a point to get my anger out, clearly, without hesitation.  I am not one to cough.  And then she said that sinus issues were related to not crying.  Well, I am not much for crying, and neither is Shay, and so that might be our sinus issue, but certainly not the cough. Oh for pete's sake, not a cough was any where near me today.

After I yelled, I still wasn't incredibly satisfied with my anger, and so I decided to do something productive with myself- work on Chaz's homework with him.  That didn't go so well, and while working on it, his special education teacher called to discuss a note I sent in about a week ago.  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  As I make all these mistakes in one day, I realize that I truly don't want my kids to have academic struggles, or rotting teeth, or anything wrong because I am a freakin' stay at home mom that is on a life mission to raise my children with so much freakin' love and attention to growth and development that they become healthy, happy, productive people in the world that I will leave them to one day.  And part of my mission involves no coughing, and the other part was sent here today to help Shay alleviate her sinus issues.  Shay-bay- For that, you are welcome.  I love you babe.  When you read this in many years to come..... just know that my frustration and anger and yelling comes from a place of love.  And a desire to not cough.

PS  I got a "report card" from the dentist office that stated that the fillings were done without numbing since the gas calmed him down enough to work on the very superficial fillings, and then a note attached asking me if I was happy with their office to share with our friends, and if not happy, to email any comments or concerns.  Well, lucky for them, I trust that since my comments and concerns were of no concern to them today while I was actually in the office, I will share this with my "friends" since I have my own blog.  How lucky they are.  Then, will forward this on to them so that they might take the time to address my concerns, when it is convenient for them, of course.  Because, while our appointment time would have seemed the appropriate time to address my concerns about my two children, I will allow them to properly apologize and offer my migits a cheap light up toothbrush, and a plastic piece of crap that I will relocate to the garbage, at their convenience.

PSS  Oh, I actually do feel a weight has lifted after this blog post.  Whew.  That was easy.  Perhaps I should have grabbed my computer before I opened my mouth earlier today.  

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