Sep 2, 2012

The blog in which you get a craft and a recap.

I have never been a political person, but after watching a Youtube video of Clint Eastwood at the Republican Convention, it made me appreciate politics, even if for just that moment in time.  The rest of it.. meh.

My son is on day two of gas that creates a mess in his underwear.  Pull ups have been employed for the rest of the day.

The queen size bed Geoff and I shared last night felt like a we were sleeping on a bed the size of match box since we have become accustomed to sleeping on the king sized bed since last winter.  It was incredibly firm, and that is actually better for our backs, however, no one told my back that, so I was sore, but I got a really fantastically deep massage upon waking.  Thank you babe!

My three day headache is totally gone!  (I called "uncle" and took a narcotic right before going to sleep, and I woke up without head pain.  Praise G-d.

That is the recap, and now to finish our Sunday Funday with Grandpa playing his drums and with trains in the basement with the migits, and the rest of us chillin' with the mountains in the background.  Life is good.

I found a Pinterest inspired craft that I can't wait to do.  I will post it here, however, I am new to crediting appropriately, and I feel like someone should teach me the ways.  (hint hint other bloggers who know how to stay out of legal woes and who appreciate sharing sources for the right reasons.)

Okay, here you go... I hope I did this correctly, as honestly, I think it is genius, and super inexpensive, as well as the potential for variations is great.  I will have girls paint, sticker, add little bells or attach assorted embellishments that we can find in the arts and crafts closet.

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