Sep 15, 2012

The blog in which we did it and I made her cry before bed.

I woke up at 7:30 AM, and by 8:30 AM, had my coffee, fed the migits, and was ready to conquer the day.  Except we figured out that my camera and video didn't work, and if you know me, my life is a photojournalistic approach and relies heavily on my phone.  Well, the day had to go on, so I suggested to Geoff that he head to the TMobile store, and that I would start bringing all the trampoline parts to the backyard, and begin on my own.  Ended up, he never went since I struggled with the first step in the directions.  After seeing my frustration, and I had only been working for about twenty minutes, he decided it might be wiser to stay and help.  
I started the process at 9:50 AM.  Cut to the chase, the motto for the day was, "If it's worth doing once, it's worth doing the 50% wrong way 100% of the time so that we could do everything twice."  To the online reviewer who said they could have done it in 45 minutes if they had a second person, but did it alone in an hour and a half- F- you, you bragging sack of donkey licked testicles.  Okay, I feel much better now.  Seriously, it was a major challenge.  I only yelled about 5 times.  Shay cried once.  Geoff said, "This isn't so bad" about 7 times, and we completed the project in about four hours.  AND- the tie downs that are supposed to be sewn into the mat so that we can attach the protective net is not even sewn on.  So, luckily, I am resourceful, and figured out a way to make it work- for now.  Call already placed with customer service for the trampoline company, and now to await the response.  

They jumped all afternoon and evening.  It was beautiful.  I am so happy they love it.  Charlie is wearing the Mickey shirt we bought him a year ago this week for our last Fall Break, our trip to Disney World!  He turned six last year on the day we came home from Disney.  Wow.  How time flies! 

Here's the cut that caused the tears.

This was the last known photo of Shayna with a smile on her face and her long locks.

So, after playing, it was time to shower and for Geoff and Shay to get a hair cut.  Shay has asked for short hair for about 3 cuts now, and I have refused.  Tonight, when she asked, I did it.  And she cried.  And wanted to cry with her.  It will grow.  And she will never again let me cut it.  And I like that.  I love a little girl with long hair.  And honestly- it's still past her shoulders.  Still goes into a bun and braids.  I can do most everything I ever did before.  Maybe not pokey mohawks right now, but that's not too bad ;o)  

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