Sep 2, 2012

The blog in which I beg for your support because I love to blog.

Vote For Us @ Top Mommy BlogsDid you notice this little caption in the sidebar?  If you like this blog, would you please vote each day when you read the blog by clicking on it?  I am allowed to beg, plead, but not offer an incentive for votes on my blog.  So, while I will not offer a give away, I can promise that I will be able to continue to blog and one day, I might be able to do giveaways, but first, you guys need to vote each day, and spread the word!  Thanks friends!

And to all of you who comment, email, or Facebook message me on my blog attempts, I really value and appreciate you.  Thanks for allowing me to make you think, smile, question how kooky I am, and to wonder how I function without medication.  Vote, and do it often!  Share us on your Facebook or other social media that I am forbidding myself from getting tangled in.

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