Sep 22, 2012

The blog in which I recap the day and got a long nap in.

Just woke up and wow, do I feel better!  Geoff left with the migits at 3:30 PM to go to his parents and then out to McD's with them in honor of b-day boy's day, and I fell asleep the moment they were headed out.  It is 7:PM, and I feel like a whole new chick!  I wish I could re-do our engagements from earlier today- this time, with a huge smile and patience.  Luckily, I trust that our friends and the radKIDS peeps all understand my lifelessness.  However, we did have fun today- exhaustion or not...  Take a look!

This was the fortune Charlie got from the cookie Grandma and Grandpa brought him last night.  How true!

One of the many gifts his G-d Family gifted him with today!  Although, I am partial to the prayer dice, the Saint book, he got a ton of great gifts, and most importantly, got the gift of time with this special family today.  

Uncle Greg is sorta' silly about games.  He was insistent in doing better.  I guess I just won't ever understand it....Le sigh... hahahaha.  I was worse than him since I was stuck on the game but never did perfect my technique.  Grr..

This is a piggy bank for Jesus.  You collect/save money and then donate it.  I love.    What I loved more than anything was that he took all his change and already put it in there.  Wow.  Awesome!

Eating a cake pop.  

This hamster wheel type thing is hard to do.  The kids helped each other out on this one.  It was sweet to watch.  

Virtual reality   ride with Mads.  They all loved it.  

She REALLY loved it.  

Just got my horse on!

The original has been revised to this form of Whack a Mole.  I prefer the real thing.  

The girls really enjoyed hanging out together.  But honestly, at all times, the kids were together, and had at least one if not two adults with them, and it was fairly uncrowded.  We got soooo lucky.  We spent 2 1/2 hours there!  We had almost 200 coins and split them between the four older kids.  We printed out coupons and got 40 free coins on top of the 110 coin package and the 20 tokens we got with the pizza coupon.  The 40 free ones came from 10 free coins per child we printed for different awards you can give your kids from the Chuck E. Cheese website.  Check that out!

As soon as they hopped into this car ride, I flashed forward ten years,  and saw the girls together in a car, and I couldn't resist yelling, "Turn off the radio!  Don't text and drive!  No boys!  What time are you coming home?"  And all Rachel had to add was, "Ten and Two!"  The girls thought we were crazy.  They.Have.No.Idea.

It's not funny.  It's all fun and games until someone gets a ticket.  Then, don't come crying to me.  You will spend all your Duck for a Buck money paying that off.  And Mads?  Love.  Please keep your eyes on the road.  Thank you.  

Oh holy hell!  Who let Chaz drive?  A-man?  You seemed so much wiser than that.  You must suck at "rock, paper, scissors, huh?"  Sorry.  JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!  

He's about to turn seven.  And they still walk hand in hand every once in a while.  It makes my heart swell.  

Our family spends very little time helping radKIDS nowadays, but we try to make it out to the graduations to help suit up the migits.  Charlie and Shay are always given the opportunity to do the simulation, and generally, I ask them to not do it, since it is a huge amount of extra work for David, or resident "Red Man."  He is just another volunteer from our community that at the beginning, donated money to start this chapter here in the community, and then went and got certified to help out.  This is just one of those organizations that has amazing people with amazing spirit for good.  We are proud to be a part of it, even though we only spend a little time with them.  I allowed Charlie to do it since it is his birthday weekend, and he loved it.  They even sang Happy Birthday to him!  We had a great time.  I was just dragging by the time we got there though.  ;o/

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