Sep 8, 2012

The blog in which I find a project and a new obsession.

Dear Diary,
It is day number 3,743.  Shay is still sick.  I think she is getting addicted to her Mucinex Mini Melts, and I think her body is mass producing mucus just to piss me off.  I might have exaggerated on the amount if days she has been sick, however, I have lost my girlish figure, and when I say "girlish," we all know there is an emphasis on the "ish," part.  I miss going to the YMCA, and the only outing I have had lately was to volunteer in the school where I sold rubber duckies that reminded me of the song.  (I love Village People!)  My internal clock is set to a schedule of every four hours medicating a girl who is croaking like a frog or choking on that mucus she is mass producing.  On the bright side, the house has been quieter, and Charlie has started really talking more.  I want him to stop, seeing as he is talking during those other three hours I am not having to medicate and I would like to catch up on my sleep.  Geoff has been working overtime and working six days a week for the past month.  While I am grateful for the opportunity to make a little extra money when we have had some unexpected bills come in, we are all on overdrive, tired, and missing each other and the normal craziness that is our life.

However, once again, I have found something to obsess over, and if it's worth doing once, it's worth doing 100 times.  It's a project I have been meaning to do with the Snot Maker for a few months now.  The no-sew fleece blanket.  My idea was to have it two sided, one side, a nicer fleece, the other side, a satin solid to match whatever print we find.  Shay was given a green baby blanket that she uses as a comforter, except, she is out growing it, and I have told her that Miss Allie intended that for just a baby, not a full sized girl.  So, we found the material, and I had her help make it.  It turned out so great, that Charlie requested one.  I found an even softer material, and it tore to shreds.  So, I had to sew that one.  Then, I thought of my aunt whose birthday is coming up.  She is an old time hippy, and would love that tie-dye print I saw!  And bus driver appreciation day is October 18th... I bet Miss. Sherrie could use a nice hand made blanket across her lap for those cold mornings she picks up our migits.  Oh, the list is endless.  The pinking shears that were passed down to me from my mom have gotten plenty of use.  Shay was feeling better by the afternoon, and we knew this because she is trying to make up for the days of not talking recently.
Birthday present for Aunt Carol.  Done by the migits.  
So, here are the pictures of our crafting while sick.  We also found a sew your own monster kit at Walmart for $3, and Shay loved making that on her own.  Then, we got a weaving loom kit as well for $5.  It says for five year old and up.  I couldn't figure it out.  So, it's in the box until someone with a 5 year old can teach me how to use it.

A yard of each for hers was $10 for the blanket.  
You cut a square off each corner.

I chose to make the knots myself every couple of strands just so that they would stay together for when I gave them to the migits to work on, and if they skipped any, they would get back on track easily. 

New one is just that smidge larger than Miss Allie's.  

Snuggly.  Le Sigh.  

She slept until 10:15 AM today.  

Had to sew his.  Bummer.   
What is the name of this fabric?  Incredibly soft.  Not the best fabric for this project though.  

His is a yard and half each.  
Both kids did all the knotting on this one for Aunt Carol.   Took about an hour.  


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