Sep 30, 2012

The blog in which Charlie gets his first acting job and I stop writing songs.

So.... I was texting a conversation with a lady friend about the woes in her life, and it really sounded like a country song in my head.  I told her so.  Then, I decided to ask questions that I could use the responses in the form of a song for her to make her smile.  It was then that I remembered- I don't care for country. I do like Jimmy Buffet, and for some reason, I heard her words through the song, "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw."  As the conversation continued, she would add too many explanation points, and that made me sing out of tune.  I told her I was done with the conversation, since I really couldn't use this for a funny blog I was formulating in my head. Well, that's not all true.  Actually, it is all true, except for one part.  Sadly, the most unbelievable parts to that story are true, and the the part that makes the most sense didn't happen.  (No, I didn't end the conversation.  She did.  I think it's hard to pour out your heart to someone who is working hard to find the humor in your difficult situation.  It sucks to be my friend.)

Charlie was blessed with yet another amazing teacher this school year. While she is fantastic, I still have to work very hard at home with Charlie so that he is successful in school.  However, this weekend was a mom fail.  We have taken some time to share our challenges from his leveled reader.  For those of you who do not know that term, a leveled reader is a book that is meant for your child's abilities.  It is supposed to be "their" level.  Well, this was not even my level, therefore, I could do nothing more than make a little video about it.   I asked him if he wanted to be a part of a video for my blog.  He said "yes."  I offered to pay him.  I asked him to name his price.  He wanted ten cents.  Done.  But I made him wear clothes.  He ended up with a shirt with chocolate on it.  I might dock his pay.

This is take number 17 I think.  The blooper reel is actually more comical than you might imagine for such a simple acting job.  I love this kid.  I wish learning was easier for him.  I wish talking was easier for him.  I wish I was better at being his mom sometimes.  But right now, I wish to remember take number 11 every time he drives me crazy.  That will always make me smile, even when he is not.  ;o)

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