Sep 23, 2012

Early bedtime. Wow...that so didn't go as planned.

So, Charlie has had an incredible birthday week, and by 5:30 PM, he looked like he was going to fall asleep before finishing his cake pop.  I suggested we head up to brush teeth, read, pray, and snuggle.  Well, by 5:55 PM, we was out.  Then, I'm on the phone with my mom around around 8:30 PM, and in walks Mr. 7 year old, with a fake ball spitting gun in hand that his aunt and uncle gave him as part of his gifts today.  He looked like he was going to do some damage, and I quickly got off the phone the moment Shay walked in behind him.  Okay, so I ask him what he is doing up.  His answer?  "Just wanted to play with my new toys."  Nice.  Uncle Keith, Aunt Susan?  I'm sending him to your house to play with the incredibly loud and exciting new toys.  The blow up fists were a thoughtful addition, however, I took them out from under his covers after he snuck them into bed tonight.  Why?  The kite will have to wait for a windy day, but he loved every single present that everyone gave him.  He is incredibly lucky to have so many amazing family and friends that took extra care in picking out gifts they knew he would enjoy.  Now, to get him back to sleep before he shoots a light out with that gun.

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