Sep 11, 2012

The blog in which we smile again.

Today is September 11th.  And while we are years beyond that tragic day, we have not forgotten.  But today, while we pray for those who lost their lives, the families, friends, and the hero's of those days, let's try to remember that we are to enjoy each day.  I'm here to help you today.  You're welcome. (Sadly, I am not very good with technology, so it is a lot of cut and paste work for you, but it be worth it, I promise.)  It's like kindergarten- without nap time.  Sorry.

Please read the reviews on this item.  It will help you understand.  And, for the record, I don't need one.  My birthday is coming up, and I think I have found another item I need.  Please purchase the bonus bottle of estrogen and at least one ovary.  I think mine left when I threatened to enlarge my nonexistent penis.  They have their standards.

Again, if you don't read the reviews, you miss why I need this item.  And I prefer the sparkly ones.  

My legs look just like Zack's!  But hairier and fatter.  Geoff is a lucky man.  

This is a video that made my day.  I hope you did your kegels this morning.   It is six minutes long, and I am still smiling, six minutes later.  I feel like I got a BOGO free deal on my time.  And time is all we really have to share with those around us.  Remember to share yourself with those around you.  Give of yourself because it makes you happy to serve, and to see that you can make a difference.  Enjoy.

Thank you hero's.  EA

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