Sep 4, 2012

The blog in which I share my latest Pinterest inspired craft.

1 Dowel=(4) 12" wands
Each eye screw package was $1.18 and had 8 eye screws

I had the ribbon, and figured it I kept it short, it wouldn't knot.  I was right ;o)  Honestly, I get tired of saying that some days.

So, it only costs about 25 cents for each dowel piece of a wand, and about 15 cents for the eye screw, so we are talking about 40 cents total, plus some satin ribbon.  No brainer.  Shay loves hers, and will paint it as soon as she is ready to.  I will make Charlie a magic wand and hopefully can have him decorate his with glow in the dark stickers or something to make it cool.  (Probably not going to attach ribbon though.  Sorry.  

I asked the gentleman at Home Depot to cut the dowel into the four pieces, and when I got home, I used my scissors to trim up the rough ends.  Then, I applied gentle pressure as I screwed the eye screw into the center of one end of dowel.  Really, that easy and took about 20 seconds to make it.  Okay, tying the ribbon took about a minute.  It will make a fun craft at a birthday party, or for a rainy day.  Shay and Charlie are way into checking out gymnastics and found rhythmic gymnastics on Youtube, and the wand made for a great substitute. I'd have to say, I was contemplating going with PVC pipe for this project, but glad I found the dowel.  Although, the PVC pipe spray painted black might make for a better magic wand.  Hmmmmm....

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