Sep 13, 2012

The blog in which I agonize over the task at hand.

Some of us will get yelled out.  Some of us will have to be pushed to our limits.  Some of us will wonder if the instructions are written in English.  Some of us will be frustrated enough to reconsider the gift in the first place.  Some of us will wonder why we insist on doing this do ourselves.  Some of us will wonder if the pain will ever stop. There will be insult slinging.  There will be snide remarks.  There will be physical limitations.  Mostly, I feel bad for Geoff.  I, on the other hand, can handle it.  I'm tough like that.

Then, there will be two children who will be stuffed in the house to hopefully safe themselves from the elements.  They will come and ask if it's done, and we will have to tell them "No."  They will ask for breakfast, and we will tell them to grab a banana and a Nutrigrain bar.  The, they will want a snack. This will be a time to ask for a snack, but also to ask if we are done yet.  We will suggest an apple, cheese stick, or goldfish.  We will also get frustrated and suggest they don't ask that question again if they want to enjoy it.  Then, they will want lunch.  If we are smart, will send one of us inside at that time to make it.  However, I don't know that we are that smart.  Then, they will ask how much longer. Either we will suggest they grab some yogurt and some deli meat with a fruit and pretzels, or tell them to grab one of those pb&j frozen numbers out of the freezer and sit and watch it thaw, as that seems to be as much fun as Daddy and I will be having on the outside.  I won't bore you with the rest of the day, but I think another snack, a dinner, and a bedtime will come in here somewhere as well.

At some point, my blood sugar will drop, and I will turn into something straight out of a page of the terrible two's and Geoff will know that my levels are low, and say that to me as I berate him some more.  At which point, he normally suggests I leave the area and if it's really bad, he will set an iPod or my phone to Tuneinradio with Christmas music playing and run from the said location.  He is such a wise man.   I'm referring to the "running" part.  If I am in a  And do it with swiftness.  And if that is not a word, don't correct me.  I have Christmas music playing right now.  Here's your sign.

I am already worried about it.  To the point that I am sad that we have to do it.  This decision was really well thought out.  However, the execution of this event is actually concerning me.  We have done everything from eloping to buying a house and having children.  We have gotten as far as hanging one set of blinds.  And that was a cluster.

Here's the truth.  We are not handy.  Geoff has all of next week off with us on the migits' Fall Break.  We just might need that entire nine days to complete the project.  Yes, it is early, but, we thought that since the weather looks good, the migits might really enjoy Charlie's trampoline, a few days before his birthday. Please pray for us.  (If you hear the yelling, don't worry.  There shouldn't be any bloodshed.)

*A little side note here... My husband is hearing impaired, and even with both hearing aides, our communication is not perfect.  However, at this time, one of the two aides is being repaired, and I don't know when they will be back.   Therefore, we will have an additional level of frustration to contend with.

*Another side note... I am not proud of my behavior that I am about to have while doing this project, however, I am incredibly honest, and now you have a heads' up that you don't want to volunteer to do anything beyond a three step process, seeing as I lose my mind and turn into a bratty child.  

PS  I had one of my blog entries run in the local online paper, The Canton Patch!  That was super exciting for me.  I am working on increasing my viewers, and appreciate your help in getting my little blog out there.  However, another blog to come on my headshot they requested.   Stay tuned!    

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