Sep 21, 2012

The blog in which I share our vacation. Photos included.

Weird Fall Break vacation week.  We put together a trampoline on Saturday.  Both kids were sickly this week.  We had dinner one night at 9:PM.  I painted a closet.  We crafted.  Made it to Learning Express for a free American Girl project and introduction to the newest historical doll, and Charlie got to pick out a cool toy with his birthday money he got from his uncle and aunt on Geoff's side.  We had to cancel on both grandparents offers to take Charlie to McDonalds to have a Happy Meal and give him his present, due to illness.  He handled it well once he realized that his illness gives him a free pass to sit and watch as many movies and Netflix things he wants until he is feeling better.  With a long doctor visit, and help from Grandma, three generations of girls made one pot holder that neither holds real pot nor will it protect my counter from heat seeing as it is the size of a square of toilet paper.  I suppose we will change the name of it to "Woven thing that takes forever to make and can be used for nothing."  Grandparents, holidays are coming up- act surprised.  Sorry Aunt Carol.  We won't bother sending you a defective pot holder.  Just enjoy the hippy, no sew fleece blanket the migits made you ;o)  
Geoff learned how to make a cake.  Let me verify- I prepared the three ingredients the boxes asked for, and asked him to throw it together with the migits so that I could make the cake pops after I spackled, sanded, and painted Shay's closet/desk area.   I got the six eggs, measured the water and the oil, and left it on the counter for them do make.  He didn't follow the directions, and while I was working, he had to ask me three times to come look and see if the texture was right.  "Did you follow the directions?"  I suppose when he told me no, I should not have been surprised.  In the last year I have now taught him to make a grilled cheese sandwich AND a boxed cake.  It is scary.  I am exhausted.  I might move on to boiling water if I think I can trust him with boiling eggs for my deviled eggs.  
Regardless, the cake pops are done, and we now have a bag for his school party, a bag for family parties, and some for us. The two boxes of cake mix makes a ton, but he likes to share with his teachers and some of the staff at school, so I made plenty extra.  It cost about $10 to make about 80 cake pops.  Couldn't have bought cupcakes that cheap to share with his class at school.  I also make little give away wands for all his friends at school.  I will go on Tuesday and be the Mystery Reader and give out the wands and then we will celebrate with the special cake pop dessert for his birthday.  (I didn't factor in the cost of the sticks for the cake pops, but I don't think those were more than a dollar or so for the package, and I still have lots left over.)  
And now, for the photo recap of the week. 

Freshly painted.  The neurotic in my is pacified.  For the moment.  She is sucking on a cake pop while I appreciate the clean look of the closet again.  
Wands!  I went ahead and made for Shay's b-day class party as well since her b-day is only two months away.
Here is how I manage temps and meds with dry erase marker.
Inspired by a $15 kit at Learning Express to make my own out of cardboard and we will decorate in Shay's room.  I spent $4 on a huge package of tissue paper. 
Once I trimmed them, they look more like the peace sign. Notice Chaz in the background jumping on his early birthday present?  Honestly, this was such a great idea.  I got it for $209 with tax and shipping to the store at our local Canton Sears.  It's a great trampoline.  And no, we do not generally spend that sort of money on presents, however, since we can't truly afford to continue to send him to gymnastics, I will just allow him the opportunities to do it here at home.  He is a very gifted little boy, and more importantly, he needs the joint compression for his sensory needs.  It's done wonders for him.  I spent about $60 for all the wood needed for a bar and beam set, and Grandpa Alan will put it together and we will keep it in the garage for him.  So excited about all these new ways to keep Charlie doing well.  He is motivated to do homework and speech so long as I take breaks to work on walkovers, stretches, and now, the new apparatuses we have brought to our home for him.  Shay loves it all too, so everyone is happy.  
About $10 for about 80 cakepops that we will share with his class, his teachers, friends, family, etc.  Such a fun treat, and honestly, I think they are not as messy as a cupcake.  
Actual size.  

This is invaluable to Geoff and I.  I swear, of all the extravagant purchases we have ever made, this was one of them.  With a coupon, I think it was about $35.  We bought ours years ago.  It is the best invention- EVER! Temp taking on forehead in about 2 seconds.  Extremely accurate too.  
Some of the wands.  
We watched Big Miracle.  It was fantastic! 
Cut her hair.  Made her cry.  She asked for short hair.  I gave it to her.  She likes it now.  And for the record... It is still long enough to do every hairstyle she loves since it's below her shoulders still.  While I cut Geoff and Charlie's hair monthly, Shay only gets it cut every few months.  I think she will appreciate that there are less knots and less she has to shampoo and condition.  While she started doing her own hair a few months ago, she is not a fan.  
And that was our Fall Break "Staycation!"  Believe it or not, just having Geoff home for 9 days in a row made this a really relaxing break from the norm of bedtimes and homework.  Hope you guys enjoyed your break as well, if you had one ;o)

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