Sep 9, 2012

The blog in which I know I am going to hell for a Big Mac.

 Charlie was whisked away for a morning of fun with Grandma, Grandpa and a cousin on Saturday, and poor Shay was starting to feel better, and ready to eat.  She was so disappointed that she was too sick to go to Lowe's Build and Grow, out to lunch after, and then to the Bridgemill playground with our family there.  After many days of not having an appetite, she found it, and was asking for a special treat- a Happy Meal.  I couldn't say no.  Geoff was at work, and she was stuck with me and some simple crafting projects, so why not let her have a Happy Meal?  We get there, if you ask me what my last meal would be, I'd tell you it would be a three course meal, starting and ending with chocolate, but my main course would be a Big Mac.  That is seriously my favorite food in the world.  I eat about 6-8 Big Macs a year, so I am certainly aware of the lack of proper nutrition it provides.  I have not been able to get to the store since Shay has been so sick, and honestly, with Geoff not coming home until 8:PM each night, and working Saturdays, it has been hard to make proper meals for just the three of us here.  
So, I pull up to the person in the box, and give her my order.  "One plain hamburger Happy Meal for a girl please with chocolate milk.  Also. may I have one Big Mac?  That will be all."  I struggled, but knew that a meal deal would be really, really bad, so I was proud of myself in showing some control when I only ordered the sandwich and was planning on having my water and an apple with it.  She told me to pull around for my total.  I did, and guess what it cost- $6.66.  EEKS.   That is not a good sign.  I mentioned how it appeared that the Big Mac was going to send me straight to hell.  But at least I'd have that Secret Sauce in my memory.  The girl asked if I wanted to order anything else to change the total.  I laughed, and joked, "Guess the best thing an overweight chick like me ordering a Big Mac can do is order an extra large diet soda.  She was too quick and started adding it on, but I had to tell her I was kidding. Actually, that is why I am blogging on this. 

Diet soda is actually bad!  Shocker, right?  We all know that regular soda is bad, but recently, my mom told me that her friend lost weight, and the only thing she did differently was cut out her diet soda drinking.  Wow!  The sugar alcohols are bad for us.  Regular sugar is fine for us, in moderation.  I am not exactly sure what "moderation" means.  Seeing as I obviously crave sugar more because I consume so much of it as it is.  The more you eat of that, the more you crave of it.  Wouldn't that be fantastic if the same were true of broccoli?    

That can't be good.  

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